[MR] I Think The Warrior Might Of Had Enough By Now...

Review by creatingames on Monday, October 31st 2011

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44# review and 40# [MR]


The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath is a game lordeldar requested for me to review privately. Since this is the last of the series, hopefully this would be a stunning end to the collection.


The game starts off with a choice of three paths to go down with doors on them. There's about thirty three percent chance of getting it right and I had no clues at all to which path to go down. All it is is just luck really for which path is the right one to go down. I don't find this a decent start to the game at all, but just as well I went down the right path and this was just the start to the game.

The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath is also repetitive. There is pretty much just enemies and hazards and a couple of puzzles. Lordeldar only used pretty much the same enemies and hazards as well like the speeders, cruisers, guards and turrets until later on in the game when he introduced some mortars. The game play isn't very impressive and lordeldar can do better than this I know.

The placements were not bad. Let me talk about the pro's of the placements though first which is the health. It is placed when the player would most appreciate it which made the game more of a challenge. Apart from the repetitive of the enemies and hazards, lordeldar has seemed to of placed them in the most challenging positions in a suitable section of the play field.

There isn't much puzzle in this game at all, but the ones lordeldar placed in were challenging ones. They got you to think hard about your actions, and one of them I noticed had involved secondary resources. The puzzles were also pretty original as well.

Last of all, the action. This is an action packed game, as the player ship is pretty much always doing something. Lots of enemies attacking the ship, and I doubt that you would even think about checking the forums in the middle of the game all whatever, so that does go to show it is action packed and the game is entertaining. It didn't lag at all, the action is just pure perfect.

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: _____/_____
Game Play: _/_____
Placements: __/_____
Puzzle: ____/_____

Overall, this game deserves a 3/5.

Is this game feature worthy?

The big question though is "Is this game feature worthy?" And I'm gonna have to say I don't think this is feature worthy. The reason to why though is because the game play is just too repetitive and there isn't a large variety of enemies. This is what I mainly think stops it being worthy a feature, but what would make it full marks is to improve the puzzle as well if you look at my score on puzzles in the ratings. There isn't enough puzzle and I think this game needs puzzle since there are a lot of enemies, otherwise, like I said, it's repetitive.

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The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, October 31st 2011. [MR] I Think The Warrior Might Of Had Enough By Now... - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath' by lordeldar. Rating: 3