[MR] It's Not Just A New Life, It's Also A New Talent!

Review by creatingames on Monday, October 31st 2011
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new life is a game created by rabbitforever

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New life is a game liammead/rabbitforever requested to be reviewed in the Miracle Reviews thread on the forums. Liammead has recently made a new account, rabbitforever, so this will be interesting to see what his first game on this account will be like.


The game starts off in a challenging position, as the player ships is in between two nitro's. It's a puzzle though, as the ship can't stay alive if you just blow up the nitro's straight away. How though? I'll keep that secret. Then there's another puzzle straight afterwards. Now, I'm not going to give too much of a walk through away, but at the start, you could already tell that this is gonna be a challenging and puzzling game.

New life is full of puzzles. From opening doors with bombs and having to storm through nitro's like the speed of light, the puzzles in this game are a challenge. What I also like about this game is that it isn't repetitive. There is always something new along the play field and I never know what to expect next.

The placements are brilliant. What I liked most about it is that rabbitforever has placed the enemies in great positions, and when you'll least want to see them because you're desperate for more health. That's another thing that's good about the placements, which is the health. The player ship is low on health through out almost the whole game and health is only placed when the play ship would have around 5-10% health left.

There are lots of puzzles in this game like I said, and they are original. They include a lot of thinking and some of them even need to be used with secondary resources. There is also just the right amount of puzzles as well. Not too much, not too little.

Last of all, the action. Now I haven't mentioned anything about the action in this game, but I've gotta say, this is what I call an action packed game. There is pretty much always something to be doing, and you'll be entertained for the whole time you're playing this game. This game is extremely addictive, I must of played it at least ten times now I reckon, maybe even fifteen. Also, this game is not laggy at all.

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: _____/_____
Game Play: _____/_____
Placements: _____/_____
Puzzle: _____/_____

Overall, this game deserves a 5/5.

Is this game feature worthy?

The big question though is "Is this game feature worthy?" In my opinion, yes, it sure is. Entertaining, full of puzzles, very challenging, what more can you ask for? No wonder this game is featured.

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new life Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, October 31st 2011. [MR] It's Not Just A New Life, It's Also A New Talent! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'new life' by rabbitforever. Rating: 5