[MR] Has The Action Feinted To The Ground?

Review by creatingames on Saturday, November 12th 2011
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The Sacred Grounds is a game created by ckmbud

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Welcome to my 47th review and my 43rd [MR]. Today I'll be reviewing The Sacred Grounds by ckmbud. Ckmbud has got a lot of featured games, most of them are platformers, and because this is a platform game, I am expecting a quality game here. Now on to the review.


The game starts off challenging with the player having to avoid landing in a pit of Fire Trolls and hot blocks. You may think it's simple, but no, it isn't. First, if you're on your first try it would just be a test on your reaction skills, and second of all, you have to make one big jump, once you collect a green key, to the other side, avoiding falling in to the pit. What I also liked about that drop is that it is creative. Normally, people would just use lava or whatever, but ckmbud has included Fire Trolls and hot blocks to be different to anyone else.

Although the start was decent, that was actually probably the best part of the game. Sacred Grounds is laggy, low on action and there are loads of Thugs and they are placed in not so good positions. But before I explain about why I don't like the lag etc. I'm going to say that this game is not repetitive at all. Repetitiveness is absolutely incredibly plain boring to me, so I'm proud to say this game isn't repetitive. Secondly what I like to see most is challenge. Did ckmbud include it? Yes! He did. Hooray!

Like I said, the placements aren't so good. The enemies are pretty much only Thugs, which seems to be the only thing that is actually repetitive in this game. Although the Thugs are placed at good sort of times, the positions they were placed in aren't so good. About half of the enemies were either placed in tight positions or could easily be avoided. There were some of the enemies that could just be simply jumped over. The health placements is fine though, and the fact that there isn't much makes the game very challenging.

There seems to be a good amount of puzzle in Sacred Grounds. They also involve you to think carefully about the next step you take. Another thing I liked about the puzzles is that each of them I came across has also got a trap, so you've got to watch out for them as well.

Last of all is the action. Now I've got to say, action just lets down the game. There's lots of lag, the game isn't too entertaining and not much is going on. Apart from coming across puzzles, you're always just doing at the most one thing at a time. This is just a straight forward game with nothing special ahead.

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: _/_____
Game Play: ____/_____
Placements: ___/_____
Puzzle: _____/_____

Overall, this game deserves a 3.25/5.

Is it feature worthy?

The big question though is "Is this game feature worthy?" In my opinion, no, it isn't. First things first - improve the action. It's way too laggy, thought about putting it in 8 bit mode? Lightning effects would even do. I'd rather play a game with not so good effects but not laggy than play a laggy game with good effects, and I think many other people would agree. Also, make the game more entertaining. This just seems to be such a straight forward game. If that was improved, then I think it might just of earned it's feature. But if enemy placements were improved, then things would be full marks. How was this featured anyway?

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The Sacred Grounds Reviewed by creatingames on Saturday, November 12th 2011. [MR] Has The Action Feinted To The Ground? - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'The Sacred Grounds' by ckmbud. Rating: 5