Barren Wasteland 2 By Turtlee!

Review by creatingames on Saturday, January 12th 2013
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Barren Wasteland 2 is a game created by turtlee

Welcome to my review on Barren Wasteland 2. Barren Wasteland 2 is the sequel to Barren Wasteland (obviously) and I can't think of anything to add to the introduction so lets get on with the review...

Barren Wasteland 2 is a similar style to the first version. You go around killing enemies, avoiding traps. It's kind of a simple type of game to make but it's a good type of game to play though. Some of the traps are annoying though. Too many platformers seem to have traps when you go to get health and so did this game a couple of times as well. It's not new or anything and all it means is you have to start again (boring). I managed to avoid all of them though using my radar :D.

At the start of the game there is kind of a couple of basic puzzles and I was thinking it was going to end up as a puzzle game, but it didn't. That's not a good or bad point but I was just saying that in case you couldn't get past the start for some reason. The puzzles have been seen before and is kind of a waste of time really. I think everyone knows how to drag a ball to a switch now. I was kind of disappointed there weren't a few puzzles later on. But maybe there were right at the end, but I doubt it, I think I got pretty far considering I was playing this game for almost fifthteen minutes until I lost. If there were, maybe he could of put some puzzles in around the middle.

This game also didn't lag much either. Most users would have put in loads of decoration and make it really dark, which would make it lag more, but turtlee didn't. He made it so that there wasn't much decoration but still have it kind of dark, and decoration wasn't really needed in this game anyway. I would have added in a wall background and put in on 8 bit. But turtlee didn't, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The placements in this game were placed wisely as well. Turtlee didn't just chuck in a load of enemies everywhere. He put in enemies every now and again, so you don't have to keep putting up with one all the time, otherwise I'd find it annoying. Also, turtlee put in a good amount of health. I don't like games that have hardly any health because it makes it "challenging." I like to play challenging games like this one is, but not when it's so challenging that I can't get past the first bit and only the game maker has beaten it. That wraps up what I have to say about each aspect I guess you could say, now lets move on to the ratings.

Ratings (Out of ten):

Enemy Placement: __________/__________
Game play: ________/__________
Health Placement: __________/__________
Puzzles: _____/__________
Scenery: ________/__________
Traps: _____/__________
Overall: ________/__________

A great game to play, certainly worth the feature and I'd recommend you give this game a go if you haven't done so yet.


Barren Wasteland 2 Reviewed by creatingames on Saturday, January 12th 2013. Barren Wasteland 2 By Turtlee! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Barren Wasteland 2' by turtlee. Rating: 4