An Adventurous RPG!

Review by creatingames on Tuesday, February 19th 2013
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Adventure Zone 1 is a game created by chloride

Hello and welcome to another review, and as you can see, I'll be reviewing Adventure Zone 1 by chloride. Chloride is a fairly new member, achieving six features now in just three months, so I was expecting a pretty decent game, especially seeing as this is featured. The title as a one at the end so I'm assuming and expecting a sequel for this game one day. Anyway, instead of me going on and on in an introduction, lets get on with the review.

Adventure Zone 1 is an adventure role playing game. It has a decent amount of action in it but not any puzzles or traps. Each level features a whole new setting, from a Jungle to the snow with great scenery in each level.

First of all, I'm going to talk a bit about the game play. As I've already mentioned, it is a role playing game, which I'm going to shorten to RPG now. Adventure Zone 1 is quite different to most RPG's though, which makes it original. It has a decent amount of challenge in it, but it's not as difficult as some games. I got to level four on my first try but I still can't get past there so it's pretty good difficulty. What you don't want to do in a RPG though is have a mega hard first level that only about ten people can get past because that means you've pretty much wasted your time making the levels after. You want as many users as possible to see your levels in a RPG I think.

Now moving on to the action, I think this game is action packed. It has enemies here and there to keep you entertained as well as keeping a story going. I think it's pretty hard to include action in a RPG but chloride has managed to do that here. I know that's a pretty small paragraph but there's not really much to talk about action.

Story, well, I don't know if it really was a storyline, but what I like is that there were different challenges in the game for example you have to get fuel so you can have health or something like that, and I haven't seen that in many games, but a pretty cool feature. Again, another short paragraph, but I don't really have much to say about the story.

Placements overall were good, but the enemy placements need improving in my opinion. There were enemies all over the place. Quite often there were enemies bunched together which isn't any good. All it does is cause chaos. Also, some enemies weren't really in the right place. For example, a Mongol doesn't belong in water, they're land enemies and I don't think it's any good having them in the water. Also, I think they should belong to the first level really. An icy place isn't really a place for a Mongol. Anyway, apart from that, the other placements were good; the blocks, health and so on.

This game is very adventurous as well. You got to explore different levels in different places and I think that kind of links on to the scenery. Scenery is something I've got to mentioned in this review. I think it'd be unfair for chloride if I left it out because I can tell he's worked on the scenery. He's put in good decoration in each level to suit the setting and so you can tell what place it is. Again, not much to talk about here either. I've think I've mentioned every aspect of this game, so I'm now moving on to the ratings now.

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: _____/_____
Adventure: _____/_____
Game play: _____/_____
Placement: ____/_____
Scenery: _____/_____
Story: _____/_____

Overall, this game rounds up to a 5/5. To make it a bang on 5/5, I think you should improve on enemy placement, but apart from that, this is a great game overall and it is certainly worth the feature. I'm looking forward to your sequel if you make one and if you do make a sequel then I'd try to work on your enemy placement. Excellent game though, and I'll recommend it to readers who haven't played it yet.