Review #73 - The Mines By Dudki!

Review by creatingames on Monday, August 26th 2013
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The Mines is a game created by dudki


Hello, and welcome to my 73rd review, and today I'll be reviewing The Mines by Dudki. Dudki is known for making great feature worthy games. He normally makes platform games and PPG's, so when I saw a shooter on his profile, it was a bit of a surprise. Seeing as it wasn't his strongest creator, I wasn't expecting a game as good as his other games, but as dudki normally makes a great game, I was expecting this game to be at least decent. Now let's move on with the review.


The Mines is a massive open world shooter. You need to explore a map which you can easily get lost in to find your way around to collect the crystals and supplies. What I like about it the most is that it has a creative style. Most shooters are just going along one straight path fighting off enemies in your way, but in The Mines, you have a game which gives you a lot of space to move around, and lots of different paths to explore, instead of just going in one, simple direction. However, what wasn't so creative was the task. The game had the usual task which was basically finding the spider key which will allow you to get to the crystals and supplies. It did have switches as well, which was pretty good, but I would have liked to see a more interesting task like returning flags in a set time limit, instead of just killing spider keys so you can get the crystals and supplies. What I did also like was the challenge though. The Mines was really challenging as you can easily get lost in the map, and had a lot of enemies around the map that you can easily loose health from. Overall, the game play was pretty good.

The Mines had a huge variety of enemies in the game, which were also unavoidable. A lot of the time, you're able to use bots etc. to kill enemies easily. But in The Mines, that is pretty hard to, which means you have to go through them and kill them that way. What I didn't like though is that the enemies were quite bunched together, and there was a lot of space in the map that had no enemies, where those enemies could have been placed, to stop the lagging moments. I was also disappointed at the fact that the enemy placement wasn't original. Really, it was just a load of enemies placed in, but there could have been disruptor's behind rocks or reverser's placed on turrets, which would make the enemy placement more exciting than just placed on it's own in the map. On the other hand though, the health placement was great, and was there just at the right time, when you're running low of health, meaning The Mines has a great difficulty level. Altogether though, the placement in The Mines wasn't too bad.

In terms of action, The Mines was a game where it had its fast paced and slow paced moments. It was fast paced where the enemies were, but slow paced where there weren't any, so more enemies could have been placed in those areas as I've mentioned before. The enemies kept you entertained well and got the action going, but once you killed them, you're mostly likely to go back to that area again as it is an open world map, so there could have been a few action sequences at times (rather than just enemies) that could keep you going throughout the whole game. The action was decent overall though.

Lastly, I'm going to talk about the scenery. The scenery was superb in The Mines. Although scenery isn't as important as the other three aspects, it really stood out in The Mines. The rocks and the trees made the game decorative, and really went well with the muddy themed game. The scenery was consistent, and stayed the same throughout the whole game, unlike a lot of games were the scenery slips up towards the end. Dudki did a great job with the scenery. Anyway, that's it for the review, now time to move on to the closing stages.


- Excellent scenery

- Creative style

- Variety of enemies


- Slow paced at times

- Enemies bunched together

- Unoriginal enemy placement

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: ___/_____
Game play: ____/_____
Placement: ___/_____
Scenery: _____/_____

Overall, this game rounds up to a 4/5. The Mines was a great open world shooter. It had a decent amount of challenge in it and had a very open spaced map. Although it did have a few negatives, it was worth the time playing and it is worth a feature in my opinion. I'd recommended giving this game a go.


The Mines Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, August 26th 2013. Review #73 - The Mines By Dudki! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'The Mines' by dudki. Rating: 4