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Review by creatingames on Saturday, September 7th 2013
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Dark Days is a game created by mat7772


Today, I am going to be doing a review for [RRR], which is basically a competition on the forums where you write the best review you possibly can. Since I want to get as far as possibly can in the competition, I decided to review a game that I can talk a lot about, which would be a game that has long length play time that I got far in. Dark Days is a game I last played about a month ago, and I almost completed the game after just over two hours playing, so seeing as I didn't want that time going to waste, I'm deciding to use it so I can review Dark Days here today. I still have a pretty good memory of what the game was like, so let's move on to the review.


Dark Days is a RPG platform game that ended up in fifth place in EGD and has also gained a spot in the EGL, and no wonder either. It was simply epic, and I will explain why I think that in my review. I'll start off talking about the storyline. In Dark Days, you've basically got to go around looking for a statue stolen by the evil. The storyline isn't too bad in my opinion. Yes, it is better than the everyday "You are lost and you have to find you're way out" storyline. But I honestly don't think the main task of the story was much better than that. The story was interesting though as it kept going for the whole game with some unexpected twists, sidequests etc. and I think it is a lot better than most stories you get in games on Sploder today.

Dark Days is also a very adventurous game. There are a load of places to explore from sewers to dungeons in a dark themed game. It occasionally also gave me a little fright when an unexpected mutant appears or whatever, but I would have liked to have had that a few more times in the game. You also had a whole level map to explore as well if you wanted to complete the sidequests, which are very important as you'll struggle to complete the game without them, so you can pretty much decide how you'd like to play the game by choosing whether or not you'd like to rush the game or try to explore the game as fully as you can. What I also liked is how completing sidequests didn't bore me. In a lot of RPG's I play, I just skip them as you pretty much just have to walk far just to complete a sidequest. But in Dark Days, you have enemies and puzzles to solve to earn the power up and keep you entertained.

Dark Days also had some unique boss battles. A lot of battles you get in most game are simply a one on one battle with a Fire Troll or whatever, but Dark Days had three boss battles that stood out to me:

*Number #1:* George battle. In this one, you're basically being chased by a George on gears while also avoiding lava. At the end, you're then one on one with the George (with a couple of bats around). Mat stopped you from skipping the puzzle as you have to destroy sandblocks to pass, otherwise the George will completely smash you if you attempt to hit the sandblocks before defeating him. What happened to me on one occasion though is that the George actually didn't manage to reach the final part at the end where you actually fight him, which was a shame, because that pretty much ruined the boss battle. It would have been perfect without that flaw though.

*Number #2:* Multiple enemies. This one is hard to explain, but I will do my best, you basically have to hit a switch one at a time, which will then make certain enemies fall each time, which you have to defeat until going on to the next switch. What I liked is that it gradually got harder, starting off with simple enemies like thugs, then ending with a Fire Troll. This is probably one of the most unique boss battles I have ever played in a Sploder platform game, and I didn't have any flaws with it.

*Number #3:* The final. You're one on one with a Rocky, but there's a twist; you lose all your power ups. At the start of the level, you basically have to die then you hit a checkpoint, meaning you have to rely on your sword and shield to fight the Rocky. If you have one life left, you're probably done. Whereas if you have three of four, the chances are you'll pass, so it's good to have a few lives before entering the level. It is a pretty good ending to the game in my opinion, but unfortunately, I died there. The boss battle is pretty good though, but it was quite plain in my opinion, and it would have been good if there were a few more things to the arena as it was just a Rocky and you on a straight path.

Most of this game was action packed in later levels, with lots of enemies around, but I did think it was pretty slow placed in the first few levels, which stops Dark Days being addicting really. It was storyline levels, I know, but I think level two was the only level of the first few that had a good amount of enemies to keep me entertained. The action in the later levels was great as I've mentioned though. The high amount of enemies and puzzle keeps you going to the end, and it was important as well. Any game that is slow and boring makes me quit, but I never really felt like quitting Dark Days at all because of the high amounts of action in the game play levels of the game. Lag does slow down the pace in a couple of levels though, which was a shame, but apart from that, the game is mainly fast paced.

Dark Days also features a superb use of scenery. It had a lot of interesting decoration put in to it so you can easily identify where you are. It also had some great lighting effects as well used with the wall lights, and the game in no lighting mode really makes a big difference to how Dark Days is, so mat did a great job with the lighting effects to make Dark Days look good.

The difficulty of Dark Days is great. I like how you get a decent amount of health at the start as well, but less towards the end, as it allows you to get far enough in to the game. I did think it was a bit of an over load though as there was a couple of times I couldn't pick up a life because I had the maximum amount, which is a bit of a concern, but the fact that the game does get harder with less health later on makes up for that.

The enemy placement was pretty good. It had a huge variety of enemies through out the whole game, from thugs to thors and native's to mongols. I'd struggle to think of many enemies that weren't used at all in Dark Days. The enemy placement was original at times. A lot of the time, they were simply placed along straight paths, which was a shame, as I would have liked to have seen Archies behind walls or whatever. But it didn't have enemies falling on to you a few times, which was pretty exciting, but apart from that, there wasn't really anything that made the enemy placement original.

Dark Days had a few puzzles every now and again as well. I was quite disappointed at the fact that there weren't too many puzzles, but then again, Dark Days is really an adventure game. There weren't really any puzzles that made you think much, but they were there to make it not just enemies all the time, which was pretty good. One puzzle that got me later on in the game is where you pretty much have to make a two way elevator go up, which did make me think, but I would have liked to have seen a few more like them which are unique and exciting. Anyway, that's it for the review, so time to move on to the closing stages.


- Great Storyline

- Very adventurous

- Generally an exciting RPG to play


- Slow paced earlier on

- Lack of puzzles

- Unoriginal enemy placement

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: ****/***** - Dark Days did start off pretty slow, but the game got faster and faster each level, which managed to keep me playing for the whole time.

Adventure: *****/***** - Lots of places to explore in a very open map. Also a game with some very interesting places in it such as sewers and dungeons.

Boss battles: ****/***** - Some very unique and interesting boss battles to keep you going, although they did have a couple of flaws.

Difficulty: ****/***** - Dark Days is a game which gradually gets harder and harder, which is great. My only concern is though is that I couldn't pick up a couple of lives because I already had the maximum.

Enemy placement: ****/***** - A huge variety of enemies in the game, but was a little bit unoriginal apart from the boss battles really.

Puzzles: ****/***** - A few puzzles every now and again to keep me going, but I would have liked to have seen a few more in the game.

Scenery: *****/***** - Some fantastic scenery which made Dark Days look excellent. Also included some great lighting effects, which wouldn't have been the same if the game was in 8 bit mode.

Storyline: ****/***** - Had an above average storyline to it, with some interesting sidequests and unexpected twists, but the main task of the story wasn't exactly exciting.

Overall: *********/********** (9/10) - I had a fun time playing it throughout and it had a decent storyline and good exploration. It had some original boss fights put in to it and I like how it gives you enough lives at the start as well, unlike a lot of platform RPG's where you normally die within the first couple of levels on your first attempts.


If you haven't given Dark Days a go yet, I recommend that you play it now, if you have the time. It should take a good 1-2 hours to complete, and it is certainly worth a feature and just worth a spot in EGL because of the reasons I stated in my review, even though it did have a few flaws in it. Good job mat, one of my platform RPG games on Sploder.


Dark Days Reviewed by creatingames on Saturday, September 7th 2013. [RRR] Review #75 - Dark Days By Mat7772! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Dark Days' by mat7772. Rating: 4.5