[CGR #1] Mission Earth By Arsalankhan!

Review by creatingames on Friday, May 15th 2015
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Mission Earth is a game created by arsalankhan


Hello, and welcome to my 86th review and my 1st CGR (CG Review) and in case you're wondering what this is, this is a new reviewing centre I'm starting up where users request for me to review their games and I give my positives and negatives on every aspect of the game and come up with my overall thoughts on the game at the end of the review. When I first played this game, arsalankhan was a member I'd never heard of before so I had no real expectations. Seeing as I like plats and it was nine levels I was looking forward to playing it but just hoping for it to be a good game as I didn't have any idea of arsalankhan's ability.


Mission Earth is a nine level RPG platform game. In each level the maps flowed really well as you go around exploring the level and I felt they had some exploration built into them and at the same time it wasn't easy to get lost. The start of Mission Earth isn't too difficult which is what I like to see so I can get far enough into the game, as you started off with a life and pretty simple enemy sequences. I also liked how in Mission Earth there were some extra missions which you didn't have to do, for instance in level 3 you use your mousegun to unlock a switch which leads to a path with health. I felt that the music was quite peaceful and really fit into the game and as arsalankhan used no lighting effects this really made the game flow well and reduced the lag. I also found that Mission Earth overall was a fun game and it was pretty challenging as well. However, I did feel that in Mission Earth there were times where things were just placed in for the sake of it and wasn't very well planned out. There were a lot of short paths to switches with no challenge in which only unlocked a path nearby, and there were also a lot of straight paths which to me just seems to make the game a bit plain. I also think there was too much glitching in the game as there were times where you or the enemy could get glitched out and this for me was really frustrating where you get glitched out by enemies and I also found it frustrating as I was looking out too much not to make a game ending mistake which wouldn't be my fault if I went into.

The enemy placement wasn't too sloppy because arsalankhan made sure enemies don't go all over the place by using sandblocks to prevent them moving away. I also liked the enemy variety in Mission Earth, I feel a range of different enemies were used in the difficulty of them as well. I do think though that there were times where enemies were bunched together a bit, also in level 2, the Rocky placed there was too easy to kill, and if arsalankhan intended for this in my opinion it wasn't a very good idea because I've seen it been used before and it's a boring battle. The mutants on level 3 for me were really annoying. One of them was just cramped in a two tile gap so it can barely move and another seems to glitch out for some reason then ends up blocking a crystal so it's a pain to get past it and capture the crystal.

Arsalankhan also featured a few puzzles in Mission Earth. Straight away in the first level there was a pretty cool puzzle where you have to jump before above the level door in order to capture a big sword. I like the way arsalankhan chose the puzzles in Mission Earth because they mostly all were made in a slightly different way. Most of them weren't too difficult to solve and they were very well designed in the way they work out quite well. Some of the puzzles though were very hard to execute and got to the point where they were just really frustrating. I also found that on level 4 there was a mini trap where if you went to get a life you get trapped by a cbleep, which I found pretty annoying, and also it doesn't work all the time because you can snatch the life without hitting the switch that activates the cbleep.

Arsalankhan also features a lot of scenery in Mission Earth. He used a whole range of different tiles and a lot of decoration as well to make this game really stand out. The scenery was consistent in the way that he kept up the good looking scenery throughout the whole game. I also loved the enemy graphics on the thugs in level 2. Arsalankhan used some really interesting artwork to represent different things. I did feel there were a lack of graphics in Mission Earth and would have loved to see some more because it feels just odd to have just an occasional graphic in the game. I also think that arsalankhan made the different tiles a little bit random and they don't always fit in. This game is also in lighting effects which does make the game look unrealistic but I do have to bare in mind that it does reduce the lag.

Ratings (Out of five):

Gameplay: ____/_____
Placement: __/_____
Puzzles: ___/_____
Scenery: ___/_____


Overall, this game deserves a 3/5. Now I know I did feature this game and although this game doesn't get the best score, I feel this game generally had a lot of effort put in to and games like this really could have done with being featured considering the lack of features and it does fit quite well in there. It was mainly the sloppiness of the game and frustration that brought the score down to a 3 from a 4, but Mission Earth in my opinion was a fun game, creative and challenging and those are key things to look for in a featured game in my opinion.


Mission Earth Reviewed by creatingames on Friday, May 15th 2015. [CGR #1] Mission Earth By Arsalankhan! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Mission Earth' by arsalankhan. Rating: 0.5