[EGD] This Game Left My Hopes In The Skies...

Review by creatingames on Thursday, July 16th 2015
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[Skies of Peril] is a game created by kingoffangdams


Hello, and welcome to my 92nd review and my 2nd EGD review this year. Today, I will be reviewing Skies of Peril by kingoffangdams. Skies of Peril is one of KoF's two shooter entries this year, including One Shot Finch, and seeing as KoF is generally pretty talented with the shooter creator, I was expecting a good game. KoF seems to have gone a little while without making a shooter compared to how many he was making at once before, so I had a slight feeling this may not be his best. But seeing as KoF has got a few featured shooters under his belt and has had some time to have a go at making this game for EGD, I had some pretty high expectations.


To be honest, Skies of Peril is pretty much your average shooter game. There really wasn't much new or special in this game and it was just a typical KoF game in my opinion. KoF seems to use the same old stuff in this game and it really didn't interest me. The style of shooter is basic, destroying keys and collecting crystals, and it is one action sequence after another so had no particularly interesting map layout to it. However, I must say I did like the boss battles in the game; they were the most original part of the game and KoF managed to vary his boss battles quite well. He did some interesting stuff with the spider boss battles and the final boss battle I had never seen before so I liked that. All of the spider boss battles were action packed which was very good to see.

Skies of Peril in my opinion has pretty much the perfect difficulty. I beat this game after a few attempts and I had a reasonable amount of health left. This game is challenging the whole way throughout managing to keep me entertained the whole way. Obviously, it isn't easy to perfect difficulty in a game, and KoF didn't quite manage that in my opinion. There were certain parts of the game I was slightly overloaded with health which made it quite easy. But this was made up for because the game starts off with a decent amount of health and the more you progress the less health you appear to have giving this game a good challenge because it allows the player to make a decent way through.

Skies of Peril is also a pretty enjoyable game. I had fun playing this game for the whole time and I'd say it was fairly addicting because I played it a few times, but could have been more addicting. The fact that there really wasn't much of anything new in this game probably stops this game from being too addicting. However, there were a lot of enemies and action sequences in Skies of Peril which kept me entertained. I did though feel there was a little bit of lag towards the end of the game. In the final spider boss battle, it featured 4 drone turrets and this just got mental because there were bots everywhere. On top of this, 3 spiders are laid out, so just how you'd imagine, not exactly a pretty sight and it takes about five minutes just for that single part due to lag.

Skies of Peril has been designed fairly well seeing as it is pretty spaced out. However, the spike design was very annoying seeing as it was too easy to get glitched out. I experienced a couple of cases of glitching and it's really frustrating because you need to keep an eye out for unnecessary glitching. Also, I really don't like how repetitive and boring this game got. It featured the same sort of stuff throughout and seeing as the map layout was pretty much action sequence one after another this just made it even more repetitive. There was no story in Skies of Peril, however I don't feel as if it is needed because it is a fairly short, pure action game. The design of this game was consistent using spikes as an effect but it is too basic and it got repetitive.

Ratings (Out of five):

Difficulty: ____/_____
Fun: ___/_____
Gameplay: ___/_____
Originality: __.5/_____


Overall, this game deserves a 12.5/20. In conclusion, this game was nothing special, but not bad either. It is seriously on the edge of being feature worthy, but seeing as it is EGD and everyone seems to be lenient with features, I have no doubt it will end up on that list. Don't get me wrong, Skies of Peril is a fun and challenging game. However, I feel it seriously lacks originality and could have done with a bit more testing and I know KoF had plenty of time to polish this game off.


[Skies of Peril] Reviewed by creatingames on Thursday, July 16th 2015. [EGD] This Game Left My Hopes In The Skies... - A game review written by creatingames for the game '[Skies of Peril]' by kingoffangdams. Rating: 5