[EGD] Never Heard Of A Green Devil...

Review by creatingames on Thursday, July 16th 2015
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Devilship is a game created by achievement


Now let's get another review on the roll. Second of the night, well apparently bobbler is doing seven. Anyway, 3rd EGD review here and my 93rd review altogether. Right now I am reviewing Devilship by achievement. The name Devilship really doesn't fit because the game is green and devil's are red, but that isn't going to affect my scores. Achievement has been known for making good games in the past, so obviously I was expecting a pretty good game here. I'd pretty much played this game before EGD started due to his over hyping, but there we go. Let's get on with the review.


This game has absolutely no originality. There were one or two original-ish sequences, but overall, this game is nothing creative and is just a remake of all shooter games on Sploder. I'd honestly think making a game for EGD would mean coming up with something new, but achievement's achievement isn't going to be winning EGD this year I'm afraid, maybe a little too far off. But not to say this is too bad of a game. I did like the fact he had a mini sequence with tanks and turrets and mud poly's to make this fairly original. Oh wait, I came up with that idea, yet it was loaded with enemies which made it lag way too much. But Devilship is just another one of your mega cramped shooters with destroying keys and collecting crystals, it really bored me as I was playing because I've seen it all before.

I'd say this game certainly has challenge in it. I got a decent way through because health isn't all over the place and there were some challenging action sequences. However, I don't think this game is possible. There just seems to be such a lack of health as you progress and it's not been beaten. Even by using bombs and bots and cheating your way through, there just isn't a chance. I mean when it is lagging like hell and your stuffed in one gap spaces while making sure you don't get glitched out by a guard, it can be a pain in the bleep to dish out a few bots. So the crampness of this game just made it horrific. But my general message is make your games possible, test them, beat them and provide enough health for goodness sake. Challenge may be important but players are only going to see what's behind your games if they can get anywhere into them, and when you can't beat them as a creator that does say something.

This game had potential to be really fun. In fact, it was still fun and enjoyable on your first attempt. However it seriously lacks addictiveness due to the lag and the lack of creativity. I have no motivation to play this game again. The lag is a huge issue in this game. Looking at the map the game is huge but is wasted because no health means nobody gets anywhere. Also because the game is cramped and loaded with enemies this causes serious lagging issues. Just space your games out a bit and this will prevent lag and I maybe would want to play this game a few more times. But it's not like there's any point because it's just not tested to be made possible even. Now on to what made this game fun, and that was the load of enemies. Only if loads of enemies didn't cause lag, but unfortunately they do and that's something you really need to avoid in Sploder games.

As mentioned before this game is cramped and feels untested but this mainly falls into the gameplay category. What I did like that was game wasn't at all repetitive, however it was your usual straight paths follow it all limited options and action sequences one after each other. In fact they weren't really action sequences because it was pretty much enemy one after another. This game surprisingly doesn't have any glitching despite how cramped it is actually. I would have loved to have seen more spaced out fun spider boss battles however they were dull. This game seriously could have done with more scenery to be honest because there just needs to be something in this game to sparkle out. There was no storyline but it isn't necessary. Maybe a short one to explain the green devil would have been nice though, but as I said, not going to affect the marks.

Ratings (Out of five):

Difficulty: ___/_____
Fun: ___/_____
Gameplay: ___/_____
Originality: _/_____


Overall, this game gets a 10/20 or a 2.5/5. So pretty much, a very average game. It was quite fun and challenging but ruined by the fact I strongly believe it is impossible and it lagged way too much. Devilship was way too cramped and is your basic sort of shooter. Also, it seriously lacks originality. I struggle to find anything in this game that makes it a little bit different. Not disappointed but really could have been better. Hopefully achievement takes my ideas on board.


Devilship Reviewed by creatingames on Thursday, July 16th 2015. [EGD] Never Heard Of A Green Devil... - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Devilship' by achievement. Rating: 0.5