[EGD] Knight Of The Element May Be The Dark Knight Of The Contest...

Review by creatingames on Saturday, August 1st 2015
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Knight of the Element is a game created by deepabyss


Hello, and welcome to my 94th review and my fourth EGD review this year. Today, I will be reviewing Knight of the Element by deepabyss. Deepabyss is a member I have never heard of before and is fairly new without any featured games, so it was a game in which my expectations were left not very high. However, based on the fact that achievement had pulled him up for his collab on The Sacred Grounds, that gave me a clue that he may possibly be an above average game maker not many of us know of. Anyway, let's head on to the review.


What I really like about Knight of the Element is it has it's own sort of style to it. I liked how you're going in and out of buildings and is open spaced rather than being your usual run around fetching keys and crystals. It is more of a game of going one side of the map to the other which for me is a little bit different. What I also liked about deepabyss' own style is his scenery. It was used creatively using sand blocks and cinder blocks as the outline of the map, as well as using the basic 4 squared pre-made tiles such as the big sand and grass blocks, which comes off simple and effective, along with the 8 bit mode that deepabyss has put in to this game. Deepabyss also had his own little way of preventing players from cheating by jumping over buildings to get past quicker. He did this in two ways, one by placing spikes on top of the buildings so you would lose health by cheating, and another way was by using cinder blocks so you can't use your sword to jump up. I really liked what he did here because quite often users would add in some unattractive tiles such as big burst tiles which normally comes out looking quite nasty. However, despite deepabyss having his own sort of game style, Knight of the Element still featured the basic sort of action sequences. It was basically going around killing enemies to make your way around, no puzzles or anything. The game got a little bit different in terms of game play towards the end but apart from that it was pretty average in terms of originality.

In my opinion, Knight of the Element was a little bit too easy. I did die once, but for a multi levelled game, this game was far too simple and I personally would have preferred a bit more challenge. The game was also pretty short which made it a bit easy as well. On top of this, the enemies were way too easy to kill because a lot of the time you could quite simply jump on top of them, and the enemy variety usually consisted of bats, thugs and skellies which are some of the easiest to kill in the creator. I feel the health was a little bit over placed as well because every time I collected a bit of health I was already fairly high on it and it generally filled my health up full. Despite the flaws in the difficulty, I feel that deepabyss did in fact do well at making sure the difficulty suited the game by not adding in any lives because the game was too short for that and with lives and checkpoints the game would have been way too easy for me.

I really enjoyed playing Knight of the Element. I found it a very action packed game because of the fact there was a good amount of enemies paced in. On top of this , I think the game is also addicting because of how short it is and because it is fun. I died at about level 4 from a Thor, and normally in a multi levelled game I would quit. However, I had the determination to play this game again and beat it. I also liked how deepabyss made this game 8 bit because it meant there was no lag and it sped the game up a lot more. Despite how much fun I had playing this game, towards the end I got a little bit bored of the game because I felt the game was quite repetitive. This is because it recycled the same types of enemies and style of play used through out most of the game.

I really liked the scenery in Knight of the Element because it was detailed and made the game look pretty good using a range of wall background and foreground tiles. As mentioned earlier, I also admired deepabyss' own style of scenery in this game. However, I do feel as if the scenery was a little bit consistent because towards the end of the game there was no scenery placed in and it made the game look a bit dull. I also quite liked the storyline because it was fairly easy to follow, but for me it was too basic, short and simple and doesn't stand out for me. I also feel as if at the start of the game, Knight of the Element was very well made and had time put into, but I feel towards the end the game was a little bit rushed due to an over load of enemies, lack of scenery and shorter, more basic levels. Through out the entire game, the enemy placement for me was pretty poor. The enemies began simply being way too easy to kill because you can easy jump on top of them and towards the end it was just way too overcrowded and sloppy. At the beginning of the game, the enemy placement wasn't particularly sloppy in my opinion, but was way too basic and the enemies were just easy to kill. That's it for the review, now let's move on with the ratings.

Ratings (Out of five):

Difficulty: ***/***** - Too easy and short, enemies easy to kill and health over placed. However, deepabyss was right to not put in any lives because they were not needed as the game was already quite simple enough.

Fun: ****/***** - Very action packed, addicting and lag free. However the game became fairly repetitive and towards the end it got a bit boring.

Game play: **/***** - Scenery was good but inconsistent. Storyline is easy to follow but basic. The game starts off well made, but I feel as if it was rushed towards the end. The enemy placement was also a little bit too sloppy.

Originality: ***/***** - I liked deepabyss' own sort of game style; I liked his way of preventing cheating (using spikes and cinder blocks) and the open spaced style. However, it was the usual sort of action sequences you would expect from a game.


Overall, this game deserves a 12/20, which is basically a 3/5. This game was a fairly good effort, which was very fun to play, quite original, and featured good use of scenery. This game was very good for a member who has not yet received a feature and is fairly new to the site. However, the game was a little bit too easy for me, it became too repetitive, the game seemed rushed towards the end and the enemy placement needs some work. If deepabyss works on all of this, I think in the future, deepabyss could quite well deservedly be on his way to his first feature. Overall, a just above average game and a pretty good effort.