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Review by creatingames on Monday, June 13th 2016
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Terano's Escape... is a game created by svsv

Welcome to my first review for a little while now, considering that I am just three reviews off the century mark, the fact that I haven't done one for almost a year may have some of you surprised that I'm almost at that mark, as you may have forgot about me reviewing. Anyway, if I'm going to continue to progress at about one review per year, then that 100 mark isn't something we should be looking forward to anytime soon. Here I am reviewing Terano's Escape by svsv, or as you may know him by as jakey101. This is one of those games that I have in fact played a few times before, but never got around to beating it. As this was suggested on the forums for me to review for the Royal Review Rumble, this game seemed slightly familiar when I went to play it. Now I actually hadn't played a shooter for about a year as well going into this game, so I could have struggled to expect myself to beat this game to review. But after a few attempts, I did manage to complete it to give my opinion on the full game, surely what is ideal for a reviewing competition.

What I like about this game, which I would like to see in more shooter games, is a time limit. The time limit was slightly more than I believe it should have been, seeing as I completed this game at least a minute above what it was set at, but at least what it does is stop you using bots and bombs to destroy enemies ahead, which could easily have been done, especially with such narrow paths, but the time limit would have meant you would have struggled to have time to do so. In addition, the use of mortars and bugmeisters combined with the mud poly's leaves you rushing so you would struggle to much space to do this anyway. Seeing as this is a short, challenging game, the action packed sequences of rushing the player is intense, ideal for a short game because otherwise, there wouldn't be much noting if it was a slow paced game if it only takes two minutes to complete.

One of my favourite sequences in the game was a part with the combination of bouncer and hot poly's. This is something that I actually don't think I've ever seen before, where you had to get to the side of the hot poly's so you don't lose health, in which you are especially low at in this point, so it is crucial not to lose any, but at the same time you also have to be careful not to hit the bounce poly otherwise you would be lead into the hot poly. The time limit adds to this being exciting as well because it would be easy to travel quite slow round the edge of the hot poly. One slight problem I have with this though is that you do have to travel through the hot poly's at certain points, and one time I was so low in health I died at the end of the sequence without making a mistake, because barely any health I had anyway. It was basically impossible for me to complete the sequence from when I started it because I would have less health than I would need to have lost to complete the sequence. You may struggle to make sense of this if you haven't played the game, but basically, I think more health should have been provided before the start of the sequence because some of it definitely gets lost during the sequence because you have to travel over the hot poly's at some point.

Overall, the amount of health placed in this game was ideal. I feel there is a fair amount in the game, which allows you to progress a decent amount in, but you are still never on a high amount of health towards the end, but you have just enough to complete the game. I do like to see as minimal mega health as possible in games, because I feel like mega health just restores health you have lost, whereas with ordinary small bits of health, this makes it more challenging as you never restore to full health and it leaves the player more careful as to how much health they lose. In Terano's Escape, there was only ever ordinary health, which I felt added to the challenge of a rushed, time limit game.

There were also a few traps dotted around Terano's Escape, and what I like about these traps is they can be avoided if you are just skillful, it's not like these unfortunate traps where you have to chose a path and if you're wrong you lose the entire game, those are the worst because I personally prefer games based on skill rather than luck. Ternao's Escape uses traps based around pushers so you have to avoid going in the wrong direction so you don't get trapped. The only issue I have is the first pusher trap you'd have to be a fool to get trapped in because as you first pass it, you have an invisibility, so if you went down that route then you could easily get back up it, and you then know to avoid it for next time. And I was a fool, I went down that route when I didn't know where else to get, when it was pretty obvious because I had just hit a switch that unlocked a path further down past the trap. So I guess the trap did actually work, as it trapped me and it is something that could have been avoidable based on skill.

Now I haven't got a whole load to say about this game, because it is a short game, and I guess you could argue I could have picked a longer game, but I didn't want to spend all evening reviewing a game anyway. What I have to say about this game is, it is a game that is generally pretty good, and hasn't got too many downsides to it, so why couldn't it be feature worthy? For me, it would be if it was slightly longer, because being a game that takes two minutes isn't enough as people could just make these games everyday and get them featured. In addition, although it was a fun, exciting, challenging game, there wasn't too much unique about it that stands about amongst other shooters. Most of the stuff in the game I have seen before. Apart from the one action sequence I mentioned, and the time limit which adds to the challenge, nothing for me completely stood out about this game compared to others, so for me it isn't feature worthy despite it having quite a high rating.

Rating: 4/5

In conclusion, this game is overall a solid game, as it is full of action, addicting as well, which I can say based on that fact I gave this game about five attempts, and actually wanted to play it again each time rather than just playing it for the review. Also, the game was challenging enough as it had a good amount of health with constant action sequences to keep the player moving, as well as the time limit which left no time to use extra weapons to kill enemies further ahead. So overall, I give this game a 4/5 as it was a good game, with little flaws, and obviously it wouldn't be a 5/5 being just two minutes long and nothing too unique and epic about it.


Terano's Escape... Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, June 13th 2016. [RRR] Terano's Escape... By Svsv! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Terano's Escape...' by svsv. Rating: 0.5