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Review by creatingames on Friday, March 29th 2019
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Down Deep is a game created by ethan2009

I beat a featured platform game for like the first time in 2 years so I thought I'd review it.

And there's a lack of reviews so here we go...

So I beat this game first try with little health remaining so I guess that puts it at a pretty decent difficulty. You got one life and there is minimal health but this is a pretty short game so that's a fine amount of health. An issue I had though was there was a lack of checkpoints. When I died the whip I had to use to get passed a lava puzzle had gone so I found myself having to use the pause glitch to get passed. Other than that the health placement overall is very good, although there is also a very random med kit at the end which isn't necessary.

Now a pretty big problem with this game is that a lot of enemies can just be jumped over. There is a lot of space in this game which can be a good thing, but when it just features one enemy that you can just completely jump over, it makes it pretty pointless. However, there is a variety of enemies in this game which is good, unlike the quality of this review.

Overall, an action packed game, I had fun playing it. I personally probably wouldn't have featured it because I feel it lacks a bit of originality, it is a little easy to bypass a lot of enemies and the game is quite short, but I'd say it's borderline feature worthy. Seeing as there aren't many features at the moment I'm not hugely against it being featured as it was a fun game, has perfect difficulty overall, and shows ethan2009 has a lot of potential in becoming a good game creator.

Overall: ___/_____

Down Deep Reviewed by creatingames on Friday, March 29th 2019. Hello I Felt Like Making A Review - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Down Deep' by ethan2009. Rating: 3