[MR] Great Name, Great Game 'Cryptic Ruins'!

Review by creatingames on Friday, March 18th 2011
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Cryptic Ruins is a game created by staylor21fan

I've played quite a few of staylor21fan's games and I know they are very challenging so I was looking forward to playing this game.

Welcome to my eighth review and my fourth [MR]. Today I'll be doing a review on Cryptic Ruins by staylor21fan. This game doesn't have a storyline but I don't feel it needs one because the title explains what the setting of the game is because it tells us that your in ruins, I also think it's a great title for the game. Now let's take a look at this game.

So first off I'll tell you about the puzzles and traps. There are enough puzzles and traps in this game which is great, but the question is are they common or are they rare! A few of the traps are using the new game updates. Most of them featuring csplodes. There was also a trap which is when I try to destroy some enemies, I try to make sure they don't hit the green permanent switch, otherwise I'm trapped. There weren't many puzzles but they were still good because many involve thinking for example throwing a grenade at some Thugs instead of just using a sword when you have more chance of falling into lava. So the puzzles and traps were great.

Now it's time for the enemy placement. This was good but I feel there were a few enemy placements that weren't as good. The good ones were placing some when you don't expect them like the Mongals coming at fast speed and before you know it you've lost some health. Now I'll tell you the not so good enemy placement. Some of the Thugs were placed in positions when they won't even touch you so that let's down the enemy placement in this game.

The health placement is next. Now the health is normally placed when you running low of it but I think this game needs a bit more of it though. It could of done with a few cookies after big enemies like the Rocky.

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: 5/5

Puzzles and Traps: 5/5

Placement: 3/5

Overall this game deserves a 4.3/5. This was a great game and it was just what I was expecting from staylor!

This has been a miracle review!


Cryptic Ruins Reviewed by creatingames on Friday, March 18th 2011. [MR] Great Name, Great Game 'Cryptic Ruins'! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Cryptic Ruins' by staylor21fan. Rating: 5