Crunchynuts Guide To Puzzles

By crunchynut :: Monday December 14th, 2009

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HERE IS MY GUIDE TO COMPLETING PUZZLE GAMES --------------1--------------you start if with nitro surrounding you there is no escape you have to blow it up this is to start you off with low health i think its called a handicapped starting --------------2-------------ok you try to fit between the obsticles but you cant? as your trying to squeeze through turn to the side slowly more and more eventually you should make it through --------------3--------------there are 2 obsticles next to you now. hit the top of the left one to release the hidden wingman you can now push your wingman through the gap of the doors to open them --------------4-------------now you approach a bunch of doors all you have to do is shoot a bomb(c)into the blackness is you use the radar(press shift)you can see the red dot in the blackness just shoot the bomb towards the red dot and it will open the doors --------------5-------------ok now go up the right corridoor and go through the telleporter through the side this way you come out the other telleporter under the doors and to the left there is an invisble-invisibility,get it and run out the doors and go over the pusher. --------------6--------------Between the doors and the pink obsticle shoot 2 bombs into the blackness this will blow up the tnt which hits the guard who comes through the teleporter to open the doors --------------7-------------- get the new wingman and push him between the pink obsticls to get the crystal


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