This Game Emotionally Scarred Me, In A Good Way. [Apathy Review #2]

Review by crunchynut on Friday, June 22nd 2012
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Scarred is a game created by jackjoshseb

Apathy Reviews #2

Hi and welcome to the second Apathy review, today I will be reviewing the game Scarred by Jackjoshseb.


We all know Jackjoshseb as a young new talent with exceptional games. Barely a year next to his name he has managed to receive 13 Featured games and 63,000 views.

He specializes in both the Shooter and the Platformer creator, and is known for thrilling puzzle games. So does Scarred live up to his reputation? Lets find out :P

The Review


"Your parents have a scarred life. Your sisters have a scarred life. Your baby brother will have a scarred life. You.. you have a scarred life, and it's all your fault. Set out and fix the mistakes you made, with your determination, nothing a few puzzles can't stop?"

The game starts you off with an interesting story-line, a lot of un-answered questions about the origin of the game itself. Straight away you get an intriguing feeling to play the game, and you know that what you are about to be put through will be severe.


There is no point talking about action, as that is not what this game is about. Your thrown into a world of puzzles and questions, and it will take nothing but pure brain power to conquer it. As a long time Sploder member I thought that ideas for the Robot creator had dried up, but Jackjoshseb has incorporated new puzzles and traps the Robot creator has yet to see. I praise Jack for this, and his brilliant mind for thinking outside the box. His puzzles are thought out perfectly, and there isn't a single object in the game that is out of place.

While the traps in this game are few in numbers, they are devastating, and if you make a single wrong move they will prove to be fatal. Once again the traps are unique and well planned, adding to the overall enjoyment of the game.

It's sad, a lot of great game makers in Sploder have one single downfall, lag. Jackjoshseb is not one of those people, the lag in this game is on borderline minimal to none. Whenever you do experience the lag, it's really only a minor hindrance, and will not effect your overall enjoyment, and more importantly sanity.

Enemy Placement

Like I said before, there a few enemies in this game, but only because that's the way it's meant to be. However the few enemies all play an important role in Jack's plot for your demise. The best part about this game is the fact that it's not a random selection of enemies, each enemy is there due to it's specific abilities. Something accomplished by very few here on Sploder.


This game is downright hard, and your brain will feel a bit like melted cheese by the end of it. The point being it will take a true Robot master to complete this game, as well as a master thinker.

Map layout

This game isn't the most detailed game out there, but no matter. As long as the game play is all there, and the map isn't a repetitive square by square setup, then it's a perfect game in my books.


Gameplay - 10/10

Object Placement - 10/10

Difficulty - 10/10

Lag - 9/10

Overall - 10/10

What can I say, I absolutely loved this game, I loved everything about it. I sincerely hope it gets featured, and praised for it's new ideas.

Jackjoshseb, you're a visionary.

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Scarred Reviewed by crunchynut on Friday, June 22nd 2012. This Game Emotionally Scarred Me, In A Good Way. [Apathy Review #2] - A game review written by crunchynut for the game 'Scarred' by jackjoshseb. Rating: 5