Crunchynut's Debut Review =D

Review by crunchynut on Tuesday, February 1st 2011
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Dratogons Quest is a game created by rule60

The reason I chose this game is because I wanted my first review to be a game that is special to me, so what better game than the first game I ever played on Sploder, and for a long period of time was one of my favorite games.

Okay to start the review im going to focus on the detail of ~Dratgons Quest~ as it is the main attraction to this game. I believe this game was made in the 2nd generation of Sploder, so yes the detail wouldn't live up to todays standards however I will give Rule60 credit for how long ago the game was created. The map is quite attractive, which always adds to a games addictiveness and enjoyment. However the symmetry causes the player to become bored of the repetition, having to do the same challenges twice isn't always fun. However the map layout was well crafted and has a unique feel to it, to be honest I think this is what makes this game special.

Okay enough about the detail, so how is this game fun to play other than the detail? Well it serves a few unique challenges that were never seen before at the time, the obstacle challenges were clever but like I said before, doing it twice made it boring. ~Dratagons Quest~ even had a teleporter puzzle, not a hard one, but hard enough to challenge any new player.

The enemy placement in this game isn't so good, you'll find yourself amongst some pretty bland key battles, and there are useless reppellers, and the reversers are there only to fill in spaces. And overall the game only has a few enemies, the segments with the cruisers in the game was fun, but way to easy. It would be perfect if Rule had added some challenges into those little outside boxes, especially coming after the easy teleporter puzzle., and sadly the health placement was also poor. Theres only one mojo but if you use it's liquidy goodness to it's potential then you find yourself making it through the whole game with a couple of millimeters from your health bar.

And the last thing is that ~Dratagons Quest~ is ridiculously short, if the game were double it's size it would still be to short. At least the upside to this is the game is completely lagless, which is the best asset a game can have.



- Fantastic detail

- Unique challenges

- No Lag


- Bad enemy placement

- Too much health

- Too short

- Repetition

Gameplay: ___/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Detail: _____/_____
Enemy Placement: _/_____

Overall: ***/***** - 7/10

Final Note

I gave a little credit to Rule60 for having created this game such a long time ago, when the bar was set a lot lower. However if you've actually read this far I would advise you to play some of his newer games because there a lot of fun to play.


Dratogons Quest Reviewed by crunchynut on Tuesday, February 1st 2011. Crunchynut's Debut Review =D - A game review written by crunchynut for the game 'Dratogons Quest' by rule60. Rating: 3