Ruins Another Footstep

By cryptik :: Thursday July 10th, 2014

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You return to the Ruins of your past. When the Siren bellowed, as the nuclear plant you had relied on so heavily, caused something you could never forget. You were 8, returning from school, bag hanging low on your shoulders as you patrolled the streets. Then it Happened, a creature, something within "Area 7B" happened. Something that caused the "unforgettable' 1978 nuclear disaster. The Government said it was An unlikely disaster, but something is out there that caused it. Now your are 28. You weren't that boy that was patrolling the streets when the sirens were lit off. You have returned to the place that caused you to flee. But you won't flee anymore, as what lies out there, isn't just Ruins. =================================== WALKTHROUGH:


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