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By cutegamemaker911 :: Tuesday September 16th, 2008

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Just a little advertizement for I'm not trying to say, "Hey! This place splode! Go to for something thats actually fun!" No. It is incredibly fun. It needs downloading and in order to make games you have to pay. You can still play games and get clothes for your character though. Theres no swearing, you can do a little chat with other players while on the game, and to make games, It's all 3-D so it requires some math, science, and technology. You get badges for stuff like Being on for a year, Defeating your opponet's team like 10 times, having 20 friends, etc. You can also MAKE clothes but that also requires paying up. It's like $5.00 a month and something for 6 months and a year. So, yeah! Try it out sometime! The game is based on what your new character looks like too (The shirt is supposed to be like a forest green, I didn't put color on the shirt because, come on! You have to play! And the R in the corner IS on your shirt or you get a shirt with exploding lego pieces. There is no box around the R though.) Have fun!


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