Take A Chill Pill Dude 3

By cutegamemaker911 :: Tuesday September 30th, 2008

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"Hey dude. Watcha doin?" Sam asked. "Nothin. Just playin with a rubber ball...and hitting it at the celiing. You?" I said. "Boring stuff like that 300 word report for Social Studies. Man, he just HAD to pick a Friday for that, am I right?" "Ya, it was pretty rediculous but I'm all done." "ALREADY!? Lucky. Well, I'm all most...OH MY GOD. OH MY FREAKIN GOD. NO. NO NO NO NO NO! THATS NOT FAIR!" "WHAT!? Is your hamster dieing!?" "No! My computer just got its whole data whiped out! Stupid virus! And I was so close too! When was the last I saved? I hope I did save. If I didn't, I'll probably claw my eyes..." "DUDE! SHUT UP! IT IS A REPORT DUE MONDAY! AND ITS ONLY 300 WORDS! YOU HAVE ANOTHER 2 DAYS TO WORK ON IT! GOD, WHAT IS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE!? TAKE A CHILL PILL DUDE!"


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