Fuyuki and the Samurai

By daniel4nxt :: Sunday November 14th, 2010

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Background: Fuyuki is a world class assassin from the streets of Yamato in the province of Kinai. Here he learned and trained as an elite stealth fighter, but later moved to Okinawa. He is now on a constant march to find the dreaded Owl Kiminashi who killed his mother, father, and led an army that destroyed his home-city. Storyline:Our story starts here in the Gimshi palace in Okinawa. Kiminashi owns this palace and has large amounts of trained samurai lurking in the building. He also has traps securing the inside of the building. You have heard of a machine being built that can let you break into his main palace in Tokyo later on but first you must steal back the gems he stole from your town. Your Goals: 1. Find an escape route. 2. Help captives and servants in the building. 3. Destroy Kiminashi's Army 4. Kill his military leaders (two large samurai) 5. Retrieve the gem Hint: "Underground is where you'll find the answers to your questions" and local rumor says "The jewel is in the clouds" so good luck and don't die. Daniel4NXT presents: "Fuyuki and the Samurai"


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