Sploder, The Final Adventure

By daniel546 :: Wednesday December 23rd, 2020

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Hi everyone, it's been a while hasn't it? This game I started working on way back in 2016 or 2017, but I didn't start working on it a whole lot until 2019, when Adobe Flash's end of support date for major internet browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox was beginning to loom (more on that below). Anyway, this game was original conceived as a nine world epic, with each level consisting of five stages, with a boss on each fifth stage. Essentially, it was a remake of the ill-fated "Crystal Quest" games I made on the platformer creator in 2011/2012. Unfortunately, being busy with college, among other things, and getting distracted (alot), I was only able to start six out of the initial nine worlds, therefore there's only six levels. Luckily, I was smart, and started working on the final level at around the summer, so I still had the last world and final boss as intended in the initial game complete, even if I didn't get the other levels done. Anyway, wanted to release what I did finish before Sploder might pull the plug. Regardless, I hope you have fun playing my game. By the way, Just a friendly warning, the last bit of the game is pretty hard; that was intentional but also not at the same time. REGARDING FLASH: Adobe announced in 2017 that they would be ending support of Adobe Flash (the program all Sploder games run on) for major internet browsers like Chrome and Edge at the end of 2020. Although there are browsers that aren't getting rid of flash support (look them up), it will be the end of the use of Flash (and Sploder) for most Internet users, and that may make the people running Sploder decide to shut down the site. In case you're wondering, that's what inspired the game's name. Luckily, there's a bright side to all of this, Blue Maxima's FlashPoint project has already archived MOST of Sploder already up to about May 2020, so as long as the game's older than that, it'll be there. Obviously, this means this game probably won't be archived, with the rest since I released it several months after. So play the game while you still can! Record footage of you playing it, take screenshots. It may be the only piece of evidence this game was ever here! If that's the case, well, I'm planning on drawing all the levels that were finished on graph paper and I'm gonna record a video of the game being played, just so I have at least a way to remake the levels in something else (don't know what that would be yet). Anyway, enjoy while you can, and I wish you all a bright future, especially in the state the world is at right now. Thanks for playing... -Daniel546:)

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