Castlevania DEMO

By daniel567 :: Sunday May 3rd, 2020

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Hello there...whomever is still around this dying site. I haven't been active on here for obvious reasons, and I see there isn't that much left on this site. Whatever the case I'm stuck at home due to this wacky virus going on so I am publishing some of my old projects. This is one I have spent days when I frequented the site. Also this is not finished. Not because I don't have time, that would be lying....It's mostly that I don't really care anymore (sorry :/). Anyway I felt sorry for not publishing my "Hard Work" so if you're bored give it a try. The game might be filled with glitches and bugs and if you find some that ruin your "experience" I'm sorry I have no intentions of fixing them (Can't fix something that would die soon). Speaking of dying, I am very sad that this site is in this sh*t state. Believe it or not I've spent most of my childhood here (I know its sad lol) so to see it decay like this is heart aching. Anyway sorry for my crazy ramblings, just wanted to say my piece. Enjoy the "game" :) P.S The last stage was made by Gerald 123 (childhood friend btw :D) from another project we were working together. Yes I stole it but it won't be stealing for long when it won't exist :P. Peace


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