The adventures of a Husky

By darkday560 :: Monday October 3rd, 2011

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The Husky pup, Spike, has two freinds. A worm named John, and a Bird named Mike. They get along very well. One day they try to escape the pound. You have to bust open the birds cage, grab him, and find the worm. Then you have to lead Mike and John around through an underground system that John made. Then you jump down into the escape pipe and find yourself tumbling in a stream headed for the atlantic ocean! Thank god for radar! A helicopter comes and saves you guys. Then you guys get taken to the Georgia Survival Training for Animals(GSTFA). John has to practice his hole digging, Mike has to practice flying about obsticals, and Spike has to learn how to glide! Then Spike turns into a full grown dog and you can play for ten seconds. To be continued...


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