Him: Encore

By darut1234 :: Sunday November 9th, 2008

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Ok, I had planned for Him: The Enraged to be my last Him game, but I just felt it was begging for one last game. I made this one to round out the plot a bit...and because I was really bored. Don't worry, I PROMICE this is the last Him game. Now, when I made this game, I figured you guys had had enough wtih the puzzles and traps, so this game is nothing but action from start to finish. Enjoy!*****************************Harry returns to his hiding spot, but finds someone else there. Before McCoin can demand to know who the man is, he shoots a dart at Harry. All goes dark. Hours later, he wakes up in a strange room with men holding guns up to his face. "What is your name?" They ask. Suddenly, Harry realizes these are the men who created the Atomic Cannon. These aren the men who want to do horrible things. These are the men who don't care about him, who will kill him if they have to. He has to get out. Or his life is over.


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