Him: The President's Bank

By darut1234 :: Sunday November 2nd, 2008

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When Him went into the Whitehouse, he looked in the president’s desk and found a letter that said: “Dear Mr. President: I am sorry to say that terrorists from Germany have created the ultimate weapon: the atomic cannon. I managed to pose as a German and modify it, which was all I could do. It seemed indestructible. I modified it so that it’s voice-activated. I made the password my friend’s name, and then erased his memory so that he wouldn’t be able to tell the Germans. I won’t tell you what his name is; you’ll just have to follow my clues. Sincerely, Bill Johnson.” He also found a slip of paper that said “Knab S’tnediserp Eht” Meanwhile, for some reason President Clinton was killed that day, and Him didn’t do it. But everyone thinks it was him, so now he has even more pressure.--------------------This game's origional publication date was July 4, 2008.


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