Him: The Vice President

By darut1234 :: Friday November 7th, 2008

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He finally finds a secret room in Area 51 that can only be entered by putting all the slips of paper he found through the side of the door. Once inside, these words are written on the wall: “Harry McColl”. Once he gets back to his hiding place, there is a tape recorder on the floor from Corry Gates, the Vice President. Harry hits play: “It was me who killed the president. Now I’m the president. Now, you must think you’re so tough, to be doing all these risky stunts. I’ll just keep it simple: I know where your hiding spot is. If I wanted to, I could send every agent in the USA to kill you. But I’m giving you a chance: come to me and fight me hand to hand. My agents are watching you, to make sure you don’t change hiding spots. You have 3 days. Your choice.”-------------------------This game's origional publication date was July 18, 2008.


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