By davidt29 :: Sunday August 23rd, 2009

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One day you got a letter from the president of the United States Of America!It says that you won a trip for 1 to a holiday resort.You get on the plane and it lands on a desserted island.You find a dusty paper on the floor.You blow off all the dirt,dust and sand.You just noticed it is a map to get off the island!It says you have to get a crystal in the freeze flame room and go under ground through the hidden cave and defeat a T.REX!After that you get the crystal in the inpossible room.Next you will go down into another cave and use your Jet pack to get into the secret room above the roof.Soon you will find your self going down a water fall with fiery lava at the bottom go on te slider and it will take you to a halway going strait up the water and you will be out of the cave.Your next stop is to cross the old wooden brige over a lake of lava!!!!Once you get past it the Mini Van will be waiting to take you to another unknown resort well thats what the president says.......


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