The Great Pyramid

By deadlyclaw :: Saturday November 14th, 2009

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story ****************************** Once there was a great pyramidbut it had hidden bandits camping very near and i have heard there is a teleporter at the very top of the pyramid there is a way to get into the bandits camping hid-eout but you need to find the right path to get to the hide-out there is a door to enter like any house but they usually dont welcome so dont be surprised if they dont invite you in for milk and cookies and there is about eight or nine of them and i heard they have a teleporter one very much like the one in the great pyramid and they may look like there dumb ugly things well there actually quite smart beacuse they got there hands an some teqnoligy and i have heard they found some bats OUT HERE IN THIS WEATHER! well i dont know how they got the bats out in this burning weather and they seem to worship the black god the 'storm atronach' oohhh who ever worships them are bad and i think they might have some doors that dont open when you say open so i would get on yah hands and knees and start searching for the key and OOOHHH i almost forgot there are two passages in the pyramid i dont know which will be the right one but im just saying what i remeber one has like a roller coaster but only a short one then it leads into a snarly pit and the other will reach to the bandits camping site with the teleporter that will teleport you to the good bit of the pyramid AAHHHH i forgot again must be my age -there is a escape pod i dont know why all i know is a guy that was the first one the built the joint made a escape pod but when he was about to test it out then a wild animal killed the guy and thats was the end of him maybe you could use it to get you out of here but it might be a bit dusty and i dont know if it will work and when i said the good bit of the pyramid i meant the exit to the pyramid and the escape pod should be just outside and thats it really nothing left i can tell you i might say good luck if you make it give yourself a pat on the back bye By Deadlyclaw (True Story)


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