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Review by deathleaf on Saturday, May 28th 2011
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Free Runner Neon is a game created by lcraniuml

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Well this game had been featured but I think that lcraniuml "Privated" the game, and I had played that one, so when I saw that he had made a new version of the game (By adding in NEON) and I saw the thumbnail, I was really excited to what I was going to play.


This game was absoloutly great and was brillant the way that lcraniuml put every thing together. The neon affect was very much there and the player was dull, but everything in the game worked perfectly together. The hexegon shape of the charecter made it reall difficult to jump and move around. The only thing that could kill you in this games were "red lazers" that made the game really look that much better.

The nice things with all the levels were that the.background was black so that the "neon" affect would look that much better. This game was probably the most exciting game that I have played on sploder.com. Why you may ask? After getting past the first three levels it would get much easier but also the excitment grew each level and it felt like it would be a goal for me to complete pure epicness. After beating the game once I wanted to get the best time, so I tried and tried until I got the best time, and I did.

(The review on the level will be shorter than usual because there are 9 levels.)

Level 1

It was short and sweet but don't let that fool you, it was difficult and the "hexegon" shape really played its roll. You only had one life so one mistake would and will be fatal. What I really liked about this level is that the green color really looked nice and the background was black (In all levels aswell).

Level 2

In this level there were 2 lives given and without them this level wouldn't be possible. Most physic games the creator gives to many lives and it's just pathetic but lcraniuml really thought hard about this level, the bouncers in the begging can sometimes be annoying, but after 100 times playing you get used to it. The spaces that you had to get through were tough but possible, if you get stuc between the stairs and the floor then you have to start over, (Thank Geoff for the reset button ^_^). The blue neon affect really looked great and as usual the lazers were red.

Level 3

I think that this level was like a bonous level, It was just a simple shooter and if you hit the red block your dead. You shoot hexegon shaped bullets and it moves with a little bit of a slide (if you move and stop,you keep on sliding.) This may sound easy but it's actually not that easy, you have to line up your bullet and the points block perfectly.

Level 4

This level was one of my favorite levels of all nine, lcraniuml really out did himself in this level, the begging was great and i really liked the part that if you were not awaked and noticed your on a slope your dead. It was also great that your timeing and placement (When I say placement I mean which side your hexegon is faceing) has to be near down to perfect. There were 2 coins and it was a great new feature to the physics creator.

Level 5

This was the shortest level of all, but you had to time everything down to perfection. The charecter can only jump and thats it, so when you jump you have to hit the slider in the right place at the right time. the length isn't long at all so maybe he could of made it that when you click on the other charecter then you could of used him, and that would make it better. But other than the lcraniuml really put thinking into this because there is no game that had this idea, well at that time.

Level 6

Well this level was almost the exact as level 3 but just a little different to it, the flaw to this level was that you can't die, well atleast I think you can't die. The spawner was at an angle so you had to aim slightly off of the target to actually hit it.

Level 7

In this level I thought that it was impossible to lose a life but it was placed in a place that I would have never thought of, but I soon found out why he had put the only thing that could kill you in this place. Well I'll let you see if you can find out what that is. The first time I got to this level I thought that your charecter could shoot but it was actually the shooter that hits the coin. This level was great and well thought out.

Level 8

I personally think that this level could have been longer and there was a flaw that I don't think that lcraniuml saw when he had first created this level. This flaw was that he had added in a slider which you need to jump on to get on the platform to get to the coins but in fact you could just double jump and get to that top platform without having to risk lossing a life. It was well created and the neon color was great but I think that the planning in this wasn't all that great.

Level 9

This was just a celebration level, but it was so creativly thought out. All you need to do is shoot, it blows up the floor and then the sliders do the rest of the business. The fact that the level does every thing for you is very cool, and this is the reason why this game is so great and that lcraniuml got this featured.


Out of 5.

Gameplay ____/_____:

Creativity ____/_____:

Planning ___/_____:

Placement ___/_____:

Overall ratings ___.5/_____:


Another epic game created by lcraniuml, I really enjoyed it and had fun with it, there were a few flaws but there can be a way to get around them which lcraniuml nearly did.

Things that you can do to improve your game

There isn't much that I'm going to say but the thing that could get worked on is with the shorter levels you could have made it a bit longer (I explained it in the review) Other than that this game was great.


Free Runner Neon Reviewed by deathleaf on Saturday, May 28th 2011. [RR] This Put A Glow In The Feature Page. - A game review written by deathleaf for the game 'Free Runner Neon' by lcraniuml. Rating: 5