Main Server Hack

By debaser666 :: Monday September 13th, 2010

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You are a Netrunner, a cyber-hacker who jacks his brain directly to his modem in order to surf the web within his mind (this is science-fictional, so don't try this at home!) Your interface translates the contents of the Web in a way you can see, understand and manipulate. Now you must hack this server and retrieve very hot data from their Database. You can choose which Icons (avatars) will represent you and your allied A.I. in this mission. In this virtual reality you are the virus and the system you will hack is a fortress full of locked doors (passwords and firewalls) and fierce enemies (anti-virus programs). The Server Security Systems will surely try to kill your Icon, witch can damage your brains a lot! You know that by just entering a system/fortress you could end up flatlined (brain dead)... however that is your way, always on the razor's edge!


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