The Recovering of the Last Water

By deepyellow :: Saturday June 6th, 2009

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Welcome back! It's part two of the story, so I'll just tell you what happens. After you obtain the crystal, three Snarleys come along, and they break into the Pyramid. They knock you out with their breath, but the Pyramid collapses after all the damage they done to it. While the Pyramid fell apart, they take some water from the underwater passage and the crystal you got. They take the water because the underwater passage water is the last water on the planet, and they want to lazily live in luxury for the rest of their lives. But however, you then wake up and decide it's just plain thievery and you go off after them. When you get the crystal back, the last water evaporates! You then suddenly realise something: What you get when you combine ice with heat-WATER!!!! so you prepare yourself for a journey through Mt.SteamRise, an icy mountain on top of a volcano.....


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