By dekks :: Tuesday November 10th, 2020

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Doctor Noob- If you fail to notice then I must tell you it is a contradictory name referring to a person with an big name but zero experience. A noob having a doctorate degree. oof First of all, there were two eyes… but the splode creator is not showing it for some reason. Anyway, so this is a trailer (actually the intro of the official game DR. NOOB). Enjoy and vote 5 stars. I used ‘almost’ all the ideas I had for an intro, since it is possibly the last game(?) I’ll be publishing (we all know why sploder–> X_X) and also for I’m not sure about completing the game this year considering the intro itself took more than a week. It was a pain in the bleep tbh. By the way, don’t get hyped by the trailer in any way, it is nothing much related to what the game’s actually gonna be ;). I’ll breakdown the trailer for this is what the description block is about: 1)First panel- Title. I thought to write the whole title in the style as ‘Dr’ is written, however, I had this Noob graphics premade by me and wanted to desperately use it. Other than that we have a microscope symbol which is related to the next panel. I personally wanted to add a ‘thank you sploder’ or ‘goodbye sploder’ message here but again I had a ‘powered by’ graphics premade 2 years ago. 2) Second Panel- Birth of Dr. Noob/ Dekks (left to the player's headcanon) as seen through the microscope. 3) 3rd and 4th panel- Intro. Don’t mind the genius game stuff :D. That was my original avatar. Was too lazy to draw the current one. 4) 5th panel- Starring… Personally, I wanted to speed up the blocks moving sideways and it was impossible to judge their speed since the game runs slow in the creator. 5) 6th panel- Spawn animation of the character- Dr. Nob. It bleeps, I know, but it is the best that could have been possible. 6) 7th panel- Dr. NOB (yeah that’s the name) revelation. Enjoy the aesthetics. 7) 8th and 9th panel- Eyes and stuff. Btw there were 2 eyes on the upper panel but the creator keeps sploding it. 8) 10th panel- Killer LIFE (I have noted now that his name is actually a self-contradiction) revelation. Enjoy the aesthetics. Btw those beaming graphics were again something I had premade so wanted to use it. 9) 11th and 12th panel- Final panel- reveals Killer Life and Doctor Noob ( yea it is ‘NOOB’ this time) on opposite sides. This was going to be the original intro but as you can see I enhanced it. I know nobody would care about reading this. And yes, all the graphics have been made by me except the play button, the 2 loading signs and that yellow tunnel-like thingy. Overall, quality content, I guess.


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