[EGD 8] Gravity Falls... And Rises

Review by demonxz95 on Saturday, October 11th 2014
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Gravity is a game created by cryptik

Hahahahaha... (cricket sounds)


Now that the pun is done (hey, that rhymes), this is everyone's favorite reviewer giving you a review of Gravity by cryptik who as an alt of liammead. This is another EGD 8 game and one of only three Retro games in that category for EGD 8.


The thumbnail is quite simple and although bland aesthetically, I do like the default background of Tech World combined with black... sky?

This is quite a unique game liammead made. It has a simple yet brilliant concept that uses gravity switches as it's main gimmick. As such, the game has some interesting platforming and puzzles. That's not the only new idea you'll see in this game.

Puzzles in this game are quite unique although some seem impossible. I don't think I'll be able to complete the first stage without using the shortcut (yeah, that's an idea introduced here) because of glitchy ground. I even had to ask liammead to make a private game skipping a puzzle in stage 1-3 just so I could write this review. Puzzles however that aren't too difficult are pretty cool however. Little snippets of trial and error are used in this game. Normally that's a con but it's not too bad here so it doesn't really make the game any less because of it. This game also has a few pretty interesting traps with the one at the end of stage 1-1 being my favorite. Speaking of traps, the boss battles in this game are also pretty cool (especially the final one) as gravity does play a role in them.

The game aesthetically is somewhat bland in a lot of areas because you see background quite a bit sometimes which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Then again, this game was on a deadline and that's a problem with a lot of EGD 8 games, you need to submit them on a deadline resulting in signs of it being rushed. Scenery is this game sadly isn't very common but it's decent when it is used.

One thing I want to say about all Arcade games, not just this one (even featured ones) that use Tech World are the music selections. It appears that I was the only one who thought of using tech-style music (such as track 10 and track 16) when it comes to using the world. The first level does use a good music selection that fits the world but the rest sadly don't. Just a minor nitpick I have about Arcade games using this world. Not major at all though.

Placement in this game was mostly decent as the game includes no forced hit scenarios (except maybe the room in stage 1-3 I had to skip). At least I'm pretty sure there aren't. The placement of the objects make the game feel like a challenge but in a good way. But due to glitchy ground, a certain set of gravity switches in stage 1-1 are a pain in the splode. Unfortunately that's the fault of the Arcade game creator with gravity switches. It might be possible to fix it but I don't know.

By the way, one thing I want to say is the shortcut additions in this game. Okay, well they aren't exactly "additions" considering that they are used in other Arcade games but I don't think any notable ones use them. As far as hiding them, Liam mostly got it right here except for a certain one in Level 2 which is pretty much inevitable to spot (provided you can pass stage 1-3). Everywhere else, hiding is done well though.


And it's that time of the month, er... I mean review. The scoring and of course, the pros and cons.

Creativity: ____ .5/_____
Addictivenss: ___ .5/_____
Thumbnail: __/_____
Gameplay: ____/_____
Scenery: __/_____
Placement: ___ .5/_____
Overall: ___/_____

Pros and Cons


Very Creative

Somewhat addictive

Decent Gameplay


Bland thumbnail

Not very scenic

A bit rushed (that again, it's an EGD game)


So, we are now done with this review. This is Demonxz95 saying, thanks for reading my review.


Gravity Reviewed by demonxz95 on Saturday, October 11th 2014. [EGD 8] Gravity Falls... And Rises - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Gravity' by cryptik. Rating: 3