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Review by demonxz95 on Sunday, December 7th 2014
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Park to the Mark is a game created by shibuvsvinayak


Hey, this is Demonxz95 welcoming you to my next review of Park to the Mark by shibuvsvinayak. Park to the Mark is a game just like Parking Challenge by dudki and it is a similar concept. We seem to be seeing more great car games at time goes on. For EGD8, only 5 months ago, we saw Super Sploder Kart which is often regarded by Sploderians as the first good racing game on Sploder (just FYI, not all car games are racing). Just like that game, this game is regarded as one of the better car games on the site (I mean, it got featured). Enough rambling, let's get to the review.


Before I bore you any more, let's start the review. The first thing in the game is the intro. Probably the longest one in Sploder history too. It's more than an entire minute long. So, that is a con. It however is very creative and very well made so that is a pro. Vinayak is very good at making intros so that is kind of expected to have in this game.

And for the actual gameplay levels, each level has a steering wheel that tells you your steering angle while you are driving, even though you know what it is from the car. It's not entirely necessary but it is very good and well executed (although it isn't always accurate) and that reason, I praise it. Above that is a block on a groove that tells you your acceleration and deceleration rates which is pretty cool. Of course the N in the middle means "Neutral". Question for Vinayak, did you get this from Gran Turismo, because the GT games have those in the replays. Anyway, above that is a condition bar with green, yellow and red blocks indicating your cars condition, although one crash is likely going to make you lose. I like that and I don't know how he did that.

Just a little nitpick but I don't particularly like how Vinayak used the same song in all but 2 levels.

Gosh, a large paragraph just talking about the HUD at the right, let's try to not do that again. Like every game of this type has, this game features traffic, pedestrians and roundabout like thinguses on the road as obstacles. The aim of the game is to park the car in a specific spot (which is marked) while avoiding the obstacles. The game does try to rush you a bit (ha, get it, "rush", because it's a car game. Unfunny joke is unfunny) because the levels have a time limit, although Vinayak was generous with the time limits. Sometimes, the cars can be a problem because you are sometimes forced to go a certain way and rush through it which makes it difficult because this game is all about precision.

Vinayak did a good gob with introducing new concepts. In level 4, you find yourself having to park in multiple spots. I don't know why you would ever need to do that (in the manner this game is done at least) but it is cool and makes it stand out from other levels in the game, although after the third point is scored, you can get lost. Another concept is introduced in level 7 in which you under police supervision and there are certain areas in which you can't stay in too long. Level 8 (the final one) introduces night driving with headlights (though they don't light up very much).

One thing I did like about the game was the variety of different cars to see. There were multiple types of cars on the road (especially in level 5) which made the game more creative and shows the Vinayak made a lot of effort into it. The scenery of this game is also pretty good from the grassy areas with homes in it to the walls and some really cool buildings.

The game has a flawed difficulty transition. I found level 6 to be the easiest level in the game. I often found the earlier levels harder than the later ones (though some of the really late ones caused me quite a bit of trouble). I don't blame Vinayak though, making the game much harder after level 4 would probably cause a lot of rage quits.

The hitboxes in this game aren't necessarily flawed (though they aren't always perfect) but they can be a nuisance. In the later levels, I found myself hitting objects while I was turning the car (while stationary) which can make it a bit annoying but nonetheless, Vinayak still did a good job at them.

I thought the placement was good at first but it got worse (not that much though) as the game went on. As I mentioned, in the later levels, I found myself hitting walls while turning the car. While I was playing level 8, I also managed to hit a while though I didn't even touch it. In some of the later levels, you will also have to turn your car around at the start of the levels which I found a bit inconvenient.

Nonetheless, I still find this one of the better car games on Sploder and there seems to be more car games coming out. Gert and Vinayak are working on a Super Sploder Kart like game for Gamefest which I am hyped for because I found Super Sploder Kart very well made and a good game.


Creativity: _____/_____
Addictiveness: ___ .5/_____
Thumbnail: ____/_____
Gameplay: ___ .75/_____

(slightly flawed, more so as the game went further on)

Scenery: _____/_____
Placement: ___ .25/_____

(good at first, flawed later)

Overall: ___ .75/_____

(the overall isn't necessarily the sum of all the scores)

Pros and Cons


Very creative

Somewhat addictive

Good thumbnail

Really good gameplay for a car game

Very scenic


Inconsistent difficulty transitions (I didn't have too much of a problem with it though)

Placement was a bit flawed in later levels.

A bit of a nuisance later.

Vinayak uses the same song in all but 2 levels

The cons however are just generally how these games are (like Parking Mania) so I can't fully blame Vinayak for this.


This is a pretty good car game and you should try it when you have the chance. It has its flaws, but so does every game in existence. This is Demonxz95 saying, I hope you enjoyed the review. Who am I kidding, of course you enjoyed the review.


Park to the Mark Reviewed by demonxz95 on Sunday, December 7th 2014. Seeing More Great Car Games On Sploder. - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Park to the Mark' by shibuvsvinayak. Rating: 3