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Review by demonxz95 on Monday, January 26th 2015
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Megaman X is a game created by deathwarrant83


Boy that title. Anyway, this is Demonxz95 giving us another review. This time around, I will be reviewing a Megaman based PPG by Deathwarrant83, perhaps better known as General Death. Death is very experienced with the PPG notable by his invention games and Demons Crest X.


When I saw that Death made a Megaman game a little while ago, I was interested to play it. When I played a bit of it, there were a few things I noticed. One of those was the ability to play as Zero in the first level for whatever reason. Another was that there was a lack in scenery and that the back of the stages were mostly just background. Death however made up for this with very well made foreground, not to mention, the graphics are AMAZING.

Speaking of graphics. Death used his "game alchemy" skills really well here. He used a graphic from an actual Megaman game (made by him) and stages based on actual Megaman stages but threw in some originality in there too with gimmicks and enemies I don't know if they were used in actual Megaman stages or if they're just inspired (pardon me but my Megaman knowledge is kinda thin).

Death followed the usual Megaman formula very well. Just like the real Megaman games, at the end of each level is a boss and you get a special weapon from defeating that boss which you could use throughout the rest of the game. Let's talk about the bosses. If you don't know the strategy, the bosses can be a bit tricky but if you know what to do, the bosses can be insultingly easy. Sometimes, I could just spam a weapon and the boss would be defeated with quite little effort. The regular ones at least, the final boss can be somewhat hard but once again, it's not an issue if you know the strategies to them.

There were a few things in this game I don't think I've seen before or I've very rarely seen. The bosses have a health bar that is really well made. It's been done before but that's a touch that not very many games on Sploder have. The health system for the final boss is also very good and well made. Once again, it's been done before but not I don't know of any notable games that have it (I saw it in a Sonic game). The enemies being able to shoot is something that I don't think I've seen before and if it has, I don't think it's been executed like this, and when you kill the enemy, the bullets go away. Kudos to you on that one, Death.

There were some things in the game that I don't think Death intended to be possible. One example is in the Underwater base where about two thirds of the way through the level, there is a ship underwater that collapses if it's shot enough times (maybe running too) and which if the ship collapses, it's still possible to jump the gap. Another one is in the boss after that level where if you're in a certain position, you will never get hit by it (and not going to tell you it). That's not all by the way, so there are a bit of oversights in the game.

I thought Death was a bit generous with the health at times (either that or I'm just good). Not necessarily a bad thing but it does make some of the levels sometimes a bit easy.

Placement in this game isn't perfect but usually isn't bad. There is a section in the penultimate stage with a bee in a thin corridor that I thought was a bit messy in placement (the controls did have something to do with that). Speaking of which, some enemies can be kind of annoying because it's pretty much inevitable that you are going to get by them but it's not terrible because it usually only happens a few times and you are given quite a bit of health. But sometimes, you probably are going to have a problem with enemies, obstacles and controls but it shouldn't be a large issue.


Creativity: _____/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Gameplay: _____/_____
Scenery: ___/_____

(not a lot of "back" scenery" but the foreground and graphics made up for a bit of that)

Placement: ____/_____
Overall: ____/_____

Pros and Cons




Great gameplay that can sometimes be quite exhilarating.

Amazing graphics

Quite a lot of foreground detail.


Lack of scenery (foreground makes up for a bit of that)

Quite a few oversights in the game

Very easy and quick boss battles (the regular ones at least)


So, this was Demonxz95 with a review of Megaman X by the undeniably awesome, General Death. Stay tuned for more.


Megaman X Reviewed by demonxz95 on Monday, January 26th 2015. A Mega Megaman Game From Mega Sploderian - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Megaman X' by deathwarrant83. Rating: 4