[EGD 9] What's So Sacred About These Grounds?

Review by demonxz95 on Thursday, July 9th 2015
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The Sacred Grounds is a game created by achievement


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 here and EGD 9 reviewing has started. Hopefully it won't take 5 million millenniums like the EGD 8 reviewing did. It's been a while since I made my last review, mostly because my laptop broke 2 months ago and instead, I'm using a PC that as far as playing Sploder games, it is definitely inferior to my laptop, in which, most games are unbearably laggy for me. Despite this, I have been able to get some of my duties done as a Reviewer and an Editor.

This is a game made by Achievement, a member I have known for quite a while now and he's a pretty solid game maker and reviewer here on the MS and a nice friend on the forums.

Achievement actually made 2 games for EGD 9, this one and a Shooter called Devilship. This game, The Sacred Grounds, is actually a collaboration with Deepabyss and Swedenplatformge. Can't say I know these members well enough to form an opinion on them.

Anyway, let's get onto the review!


Judging the thumbnail for a Platformer is usually not fair, considering that you usually can barely do much with the thumbnails for Platformers and that the first level here does nothing but just introduce to the game and a little bit of backstory of said game.

Getting into the actual gameplay, one thing I noticed was that I could actually run the game well on this horrible PC of mine, even past the intro level, I didn't experience lag issues much, even with many tabs open! They have not have been running at full speed most of the time but that's my PC for you, most likely not the game.

One of the first things I noticed was the aesthetics of the game being most the same tiles of floors and walls throughout most of the level, as well as using a lot of large tiles. This to me can come of as a bit lazy design (which is the main reason I don't use them too much), but I guess it's to keep the game from being laggy. This is a problem I have when I make platformers, I use the very small tiles for EVERYTHING, which leads to problems with the object count. I think maybe a bit more tile variety would be nice but I can't complain, I've done the same thing too.

Something I like about the game is that most of a level is confined into a certain area, in which combined with the back-and-forth level structure makes the levels seem larger than they actually are. Something about the back-and-forth though is that when you hit a switch, you will sometimes have to backtrack a LONG way to continue, which can be annoying, especially for first time players. I suggest remembering what switches do what and where you have to go after that.

While there are checkpoints and such, something that the three people neglected to do was add torches in the event one needed one, I game overed at level 7 because I was in a room and couldn't see everything in the room. Be warned about this because while a lot of the areas in this game are well lit, not all of them.

I would talk about the placement but I don't know what to say other than, it's usually good.


I've had a hard time trying to write this to be honest, and I think this review overall may come off as a bit rushed or pithy.

Creativity: ___/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Gameplay: _____/_____
Scenery: ___ .5/_____
Overall: ___ .75/_____

I honestly had a rather hard time trying to make these ratings too.

Pros and Cons


Interested me

Great gameplay and great style of it.

Solid scenery, even if it has a lack in tile variety.

Not too hard but not too easy.


Not incredibly creative and in some ways, seems like just another generic platformer from one of those members.

Maybe a bit more tile variety would be nice.

While a lot of the areas are well lit, the lack of torches be a problem for the ones that don't, even if one is to use the radar.

The back-and-forth gameplay style can be a bit annoying to first-time players.


This is a pretty good game. Nothing breath-taking but pretty enjoyable all around. You should try the game out if you have the chance. Whether or not I think the game is feature worthy I'll have to work around to.

Either way, this is Demonxz95 with this... review I should have worked a bit more on but I had a hard time writing it. I might update it later. I'll try to get more EGD 9 games done and hopefully we can actually finish it this time.


The Sacred Grounds Reviewed by demonxz95 on Thursday, July 9th 2015. [EGD 9] What's So Sacred About These Grounds? - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'The Sacred Grounds' by achievement. Rating: 3