[EGD 9] A Moment Of Silence.

Review by demonxz95 on Friday, July 10th 2015
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Contrast is a game created by opengangs


Hey guys, Demonxz95 here for the second review in a row total. I might end up having to do most of these EGD 9 games for all I know, which would be rather unfortunate. Either way, I'm doing a review of Contrast by Opengangs, a friend I've known for a while now. He made this game for EGD 9. I thought he made some other games but apparently not unless he privated or deleted them. Either way, on to the review.


On an unrelated note, I was a tester for this game when it was in progress.

Anyway, the first thing I would like to talk about is the atmosphere of the game. The game has a black and white art style, resembling Limbo, which is what the art style is based off of, complimented by the leafy background and music selection. The storyline of the game is about the loss of something and the amount of sadness you feel. It's something we can all relate to. You can't tell me you haven't had that happen to you. Throughout the game, you will encounter various objects in the background relating to the story, such as a swing set with one of the seats broken. I personally found this rather fitting. Long story short, the atmosphere of the game is amazing!

Speaking of the storyline, the game through the years of the protagonist, starting as a child and leading up to old age and death. In the first level, the protagonist looks smaller than later levels which is a piece of detail that I appreciate. On another unrelated note, the seemingly limbless figure reminds me of Rayman.

Apart from a few objects that can kill you in some levels, the only challenge really present here is to figure out what you're supposed to do where you're supposed to do. After a various action occurs, you may need to backtrack to advance and the PPG "activation" sound effect seems to not occur. I don't know why or if Opengangs purposely did that. You'll have to think out of the box if you're going to advance here. This is the same problem I encountered in The Sacred Grounds but I think I can excuse it more here because of the PPG's level size limitations.

Because of the lack of challenge, the game sadly isn't addictive but it isn't boring at all. I reckon this was intentional because the game is a lot more storyline based, but it serves as a double-edged sword. The game is interesting for a first playthrough but for people looking for "game games", I think this game will have little to no replay value whatsoever.


Creativity: _____/_____
Addictiveness: __/_____
Storyline: _____/_____
Thumbnail: ___ .75/_____
Gameplay: ___/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Overall: ___ .5/_____

Pros and Cons


Very creative with its scenery (even if bland) and storyline flowing well with the game.

Great storyline

Amazing atmosphere.

Good thumbnail

Great music selection

Interesting and pulls you in, especially for the first playthrough.


Not very addictive

Has little challenge.


The game is good. It isn't amazing, nor do I necessarily think it's feature worthy but it is an interesting game with a great storyline and overall atmosphere, but its held back by having a lack of challenge other than trying to find where to go. I reckon this was intentional to fit the game better but again, it serves as a double-edged sword. I think it might get featured anyway though because of EGD 9 featuring.


Contrast Reviewed by demonxz95 on Friday, July 10th 2015. [EGD 9] A Moment Of Silence. - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Contrast' by opengangs. Rating: 3