[EGD 9] Is It Dusty In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Review by demonxz95 on Thursday, July 16th 2015
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Dust is a game created by creatingames


Hello, this is Demonxz95 here with another EGD 9 review. This time, it's a collab with Creatingames and Kingoffangdams. Hopefully this review will turn out better than some of my other ones.


Seeing as how this is a Shooter by CG and KoF, two pretty solid Shooter creators, I thought this was going to be a nice game, something I'll never make in the Shooter creator. :( Either way, the game starts out with you in this small area with the word "Dust" spelled out in weak boxes. First of all, I would like to mention the background color complimenting the name of the game. We appear to be in a desert landscape.

Our first actual section of the game is a section a huge load of mortars located on a large hotpoly with health and switches. There are also a bunch of nitro boxes (intentional Crash Bandicoot reference) either given away or hidden in the polygons. The mortars will end up shooting the nitro and destroying themselves, allowing you to go on the hotpoly. You have to do this because there are switches which will open up a hub-world-esque place, which will give you access to the main areas of the game. These are mostly just boss battles and sections to get flags. Speaking of flags, why exactly are they necessary? I didn't see much of a point to them.

This isn't by any means a bad thing but all the boss fights in this game, are just, "kill spider, advance" as it is with a lot of other Shooters. The red one was the most unique being on ice but why ice in a desert area? You will need to beat these to advance to future areas of the game. There is also an exploit with the blue spider if CG and KoF want to here it. I honestly don't think they thought that through (alliteration, amirite).

The scenery in this game, while this is common with a lot of featured Shooter games and once again, isn't by any means bad is fairly bland but Shooter scenery is harder to do.

I usually don't like to talk about the placement unless there are flaws in it but the placement of enemies in this game is not bad at all. It may be a slight bit unexpected but to be fair, I think every Shooter is like this with enemies and avoiding it isn't a huge possibility. I however wouldn't bring the placement up unless there aren't any flaws in it in which there are. In the blue key switch, once you free the spider key after hitting all the switches, some guards will come out of the polygon. Lots of Shooter games do this, but this is a bit cheap in my opinion.

Now, judging by the statements I've given this game, you probably think I don't like this game. That is not exactly true. This game isn't GREAT, at least, not feature worthy in my opinion but I think the game is average.


Creativity: __/_____
Addictiveness: __/_____
Gameplay: ___/_____
Scenery: ___/_____

Placement: ****/***** (because there are a few un-hinted surprises)

Overall: ___/_____

Pros and Cons


Apart from the four hidden in the polygon of the blue key fight, there aren't really any cheaply placed enemies.


Not incredibly creative

Not too addictive, but not boring

Somewhere Between

Decent gameplay

Decent scenery


I think there are better Shooters out there but I think you might like this game. Hopefully this review turned out fine. Demonxz95 out.


Dust Reviewed by demonxz95 on Thursday, July 16th 2015. [EGD 9] Is It Dusty In Here Or Is It Just Me? - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Dust' by creatingames. Rating: 3