Hmm... Jelly Mushrooms?

Review by demonxz95 on Wednesday, November 11th 2015
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Jellymushroom is a game created by futuremillionare

Introduction and Pre-thoughts

Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 here welcome to a new review after we've started to get reviews a bit more often. So, we're looking at Jellymushroom by futuremillionare/a few other names you might know him by. This is a plat and while plats aren't the first thing you think of when you hear the name "futuremillionare", I was still confident that he could make a good game.

As I got the link to this game on the forums, I was expecting this to be a PPG when I saw the title. But, it's a plat. As the description in the game says, it apparently is some sort of homage to something called "The Jellyshrooms". Needless to say I have no idea who/what they are. But let's not beat around the bush any longer.


So, this game is a very basic plat with admittedly a very basic layout and a fairly short length but we'd had featured games like this before (i.e Rusted Soul by Stormfall/Kitidudu). It's a puzzle plat and the main puzzle here isn't particularly the puzzles themselves (though of course that's still an aspect). More so, where you're supposed to go and what switch you're supposed to hit next. Never do I feel that the game is too cryptic though, this is in fact one of the simplest puzzle plats I've ever played (though I found Rusted Soul more simple) which might be a problem for some hardcore puzzle plat players but is nice for some people who are less experienced with these.

The visuals may be criticized by some as too simple, considering the checkerboard pattern of two different ground tiles ALL over the place, but I'm looking beyond that. Imagine trying to make a game where no two tiles are alike. Yeah! Either way, the background tiles are the remedying factor of the tiles. I believe there are like 3 different types but also, the waterfalls flowing off the map. That's what I call making good scenery with basic tiles. It is worth noting that just because the visuals are basic doesn't mean they're bad. It's not the most amazing scenery ever but I definitely give it a pass and credit where it deserves it.

But of course, the game does have problems. The game is short so it can't have too many, right? You are right. Some of the enemy placement in this game is admittedly sometimes a bit mean but there aren't very many enemies in the game in general to be honest. Second of all, do you remember how I said the game was simple. It's not really so much a problem for me but I definitely can see this being a problem for some people.

Apologies for the short review but I don't think much more can really be talked about considering the short length of the game. This should be apparent if you've seen my Promess review.


Addictiveness: ____/_____
Gameplay: ___/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Placement: ___/_____
Overall: ___ .5/_____

Pros and Cons





Enemy placement is mean at time.


Very basic gameplay.


The game is very simple.


Despite my score of 3.5/5, I did feature the game because I before analysis thought the game had a chance. I'm hoping it stays there but I wouldn't be too surprised if another Editor wants to unfeature it which I'm always afraid of whenever I feature a game. The game is short and simple but enjoyable. I like it a bit more than Rusted Soul. Overall, it's probably not going to be your game if you're a hardcore puzzle plat maker and player but for those of you who aren't, by all means go ahead and try this game out. I think you'll like it.


Jellymushroom Reviewed by demonxz95 on Wednesday, November 11th 2015. Hmm... Jelly Mushrooms? - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Jellymushroom' by futuremillionare. Rating: 3