Adventures With Our Jolly Old Friend.

Review by demonxz95 on Wednesday, December 30th 2015
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Sinterklaas is a game created by deepintotheden


Hey guys, Demonxz95 here giving you a review of Sinterklaas by deepintotheden. This game isn't featured but has gained a bit of views thanks to the boost system. Honestly, the boosting system is where I've found a few interesting games. It's where I found Strut-E by toosan which I featured by was later unfeatured.

But of course, you can always expect Christmas games to be made around the Christmas season. Of course, this game was made before Christmas and this review is after Christmas but that's irrelevant. On a side-note, the game description mentions that this is a Dutch game, so I'm guessing "Sinterklass" is Dutch for Santa Claus but idk.


Before you play the game, you'll notice the thumbnail which just contains the game name and practically nothing else. I don't particularly have a problem with this but I think the thumbnail could've been better.

So, after the intro, one of the very first things you can notice is the scenery and I've got to say. The scenery is actually pretty bleep good and needless to say, I was impressed with it regardless of whether or not the graphics I made by him or not. I honestly couldn't care less when someone uses other people's graphics in a game. I had my headphones off when I played the game, so I can't judge the music selection unfortunately. I might play it again later and give an update on that.

Scenery is just one piece of the pie though. This is a PPG Platformer which is unfortunately quite limited in terms of how you can make the game (unless you're Makever). Being a fan of the genre, I do like platforming games but because of limitations, while I was never particularly bored of the game, it did feel on the "eh" from time to time. The main gameplay is you travelling through the stages to find bells, presents, cookies and going to the arrow at the end of the level, cookies being just basic collectables, bells sometimes requiring some switch to be activated to collect and presents acting as said switches to make bells appear or to make certain walls disappear to allow further progression. All of them are necessary to make the end of level arrow post appear. At first, you're simply crossing a rooftop, backtracking and then progressing again, but the level designs do get more complex and longer as the game goes on, as a well flowed game usually should be. The only enemies in the game are birds that have collision physics and if you are in the air when you touch one, you will pause in the direction you are moving for a bit. While some may be occasionally tricky to dodge, I never felt that the placement was cheap. You can fall into bottomless pits, but that should rarely, if ever, be a problem. I think more enemy variety would've been nice though.

Okay, wow. This review is very short. Probably because the game in general is just very simple but simple by no means equals bad. Just look at Mario. It started out as just a simple run-and-jump game but it quickly became a mega-hit (I'm more of a Crash Bandicoot fan but Mario is probably a better example).


Addictiveness: ___ .5/_____
Gameplay: ___ .25/_____
Scenery: _____/_____
Placement: _____/_____

Pros and Cons


Somewhat addictive. While not enough to make me want to actively play the game multiple times, it did make me want to finish the game.

Decent gameplay

Excellent scenery.

No flaws in placement except for this one platform in the building level.



Gameplay is very "eh" at times.

Lack of an interesting thumbnail.


Despite the praise and high scores I gave the game, I don't necessarily think the game is feature worthy. Maybe somewhat close but I don't think it's quite there yet.

Either way, this is Demonxz95 out. Thank you for reading my review and I wish you a happy new year.


Sinterklaas Reviewed by demonxz95 on Wednesday, December 30th 2015. Adventures With Our Jolly Old Friend. - A game review written by demonxz95 for the game 'Sinterklaas' by deepintotheden. Rating: 3