Gotta Go Fast, Bruh!

Review by demonxz95 on Wednesday, March 16th 2016
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Turbo Dash is a game created by bobbler


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 here presenting to a you a review of probably one of the most interesting Shooter's I've ever played, Turbo Dash by bobbler. Bobbler is one of the most well known game makers on the site having a handful of high quality Platformers and some games in the EGL. Bobbler's one of those game makers where when you know he's making a new game, you're immediately hyped for it without even knowing much about it, as such, I'm sure a lot of people had really high expectations for this game.


Looking at the thumbnail of the game (which is different than the thumbnail of the review), some may think this game would be a PPG (which would be very different than Bobbler's normal style), in fact I did. Even knowing how people make Shooter thumbnails, I was still fairly surprised that this was a Shooter. While Bobbler is primarily a Platformer maker, he's made a few Shooter's before as well. Rust is a game that has been inducted into the EGL.

This game isn't your average Shooter though, this is more of a gimmick game than an actual game. Basically what you're supposed to do in this game is try to go as fast as possible through a track, shooting down some blocks and weaving your way some obstacles, mostly Nitro boxes (slightly intentional Crash Bandicoot reference), and there's a bunch of mortars that are firing in your direction and will blow up the Nitro boxes, so you've gotta go fast. Oh, and you've got only a little bit of health to do it with. This is another one of those games that makes use of the infamous "Nitro Cage". The game is only like one or two minutes long anyway.

Note: Make sure you're moving in a direction when you're destroying the beginning Nitro cage. If you stay still, you'll just die.

Wait, if this is a gimmick game, why are you reviewing it. Mostly because it's interesting and fun. It's probably the leader in both categories for me. Even for someone who doesn't enjoy the Shooter creator so much, this will be an enjoyable game for you.

Visually, the game is fantastic with realistic looking roads and green grass(???) background to the side of the roads, it's pretty clear that Bobbler put a lot of effort into this game.


Some may be asking why I'm not doing any ratings for this game. Well, because this is really is just a short little gimmicky mini-game, but it's a hell of a lot of fun and very enjoyable. If you have the opportunity to, do yourself a favor and play this game. As weird as this might sound, this might be my favorite Shooter game I've ever player.

Demonxz95 out!