Triple Review - Petit Series

Review by demonxz95 on Sunday, May 22nd 2016
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Petit Flashback Part 1 is a game created by rich3001k


Hey guys, this is your host Demonxz95 here bringing you a review of not one, not two but three games all at the same time. Petit Flashbacks Part 1, Part 2 and Delta all by Rich3001k, also known on the forums as "Enigma". Although not the most well known game maker on the MS, he does pose quite a bit of potential. He got this game and Delta feature today (but not part 2 for some reason). We're going to review all of these games in one page.

Petit Flashback Parts 1 and 2

So, here we have parts 1 and 2 of the "Petit" series by Rich. The games remind me a lot of windchimera734/Shiftry, an awesome friend and game creator on Sploder who went inactive quite a while ago, specifically, Flightless and Bloo Kid (which is now Privated).

Either way, the gameplay of both of these games game consists of our hero Petit, going around the levels finding a bunch of blue diamonds as well as some purple ones with an "A" on them, which range from 26 all the way up to 132 of these things in a single level in the first game and from 29 to 66 in the second game, whilst also rescuing people and stomping on enemies to kill them but you can't just run into them which is a really nice mechanic. They're platformer in which you jump around a bunch of different areas to find all of the collectibles and then in level 6, it's a water level, go wherever you want to go. Level 8 in Part 2 also features you riding on a jet-propelled platform avoiding enemies, in which some of the enemies are actually pretty much unavoidable but thankfully this level is pretty easy.

I don't know if Petit if a character in a real game series or if it's a character that Rich made up (I first thought Rock Knight was something Shadross made up, but nope, he's real) but I must ask why he's called "Petit". He doesn't seem smaller than most other characters in the story (which is especially apparent in Delta).

Visually, both games looks fantastic. I don't know what graphics in the games are his (could be none of them or all of them), but regardless, lots of effort was put into making the game visually impressive. This goes in favor with the music and theme selection in each level.

Although none of the levels are extremely difficuly, the boss in the first game was annoying. It's basically him running around an area, with spikes dropping every second, and a platform in which it's actually possible to miss since it blends in with the scenery. I tried double jumping over the spikes and land on the platform which would allow me to get the drop on him, but every time, I would always just miss out on it because a millipixel of the spikes would touch me, then I found a way to do it which looks like I would die from it, but somehow didn't.

The boss in the second game however is very easy. You simply just collect 5 spirals while avoiding some spikes with set patterns that always do the exact same thing.

Sometimes I wish Rich would do a better job at clarifying that bad objects are bad. There were quite a few times in both games where I touched something I went "oh, that's bad" because I didn't know that it was bad and there was no obvious way to know without touching it yourself.

Petit Flashback Delta

This game is really more for story purposes than gameplay purposes. In fact, there's only one level where it's possible to die and that's the boss level. The first level basically serves to introduce a new location to the series, a new village, then the second level goes more in-depth into that series with an open-world type level which basically just finding one thing to go to, then cutscene, then it's actual gameplay boss time, finally.

This boss is not too hard. Definitely harder than the boss from Part 2 but less frustrating than the boss from Part 1. You're pretty much avoiding someone who follows you around and shoots stuff whilst collecting spirals just like the boss from Part 2. This is honestly the only level in which there's any real "gameplay" in it.

What's rather strange is that the game says the journey comes to a close, yet this game seems to try to introduce and build up a new game, at least the start does. I think Rich could've included something like "Prologue" in the game's title or description and then it would make more sense.

Pros and Cons of Part 1 and 2


Great Gameplay

Great Scenery

Very Addictive



Some hazardous objects are not obviously bad requiring you to have to die to found out that it's bad.

Boss of Part 1 is frustrating.

I'm not really giving Pros and Cons to Delta because there's not really a "game" game, mostly just a storyline game with a boss in it


Well, here we go, three reviews in one review page. Hopefully that's a first. Either way, these games are very good and worth checking out. Here they all are:

Rich certainly has a lot of potential on his hands.

Also, I've decided that I will no longer be giving rating but instead just Pros and Cons. I'm not very good at giving ratings. I find myself like ~"okay well I can't say this is perfect, so I should drop it, but okay, why do I drop it, what's wrong with it?"~. I think Pros and Cons are an easier way to do this. Will I ever go back to doing ratings in addition to the Pros and Cons? Maybe, but not for now.

This is your host, Demonxz95 out!