Not The Minecraft We All Know [Counterargument Against Konni].

Review by demonxz95 on Sunday, February 12th 2017
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minecraft is a game created by boytucker


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 here reviewing minecraft by a member named boytucker (often nicknamed "Butter" on the forums). Many people know him for his weird, wacky personality, as well as his games, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. He made a game called minecraft, which has been featured by Konni a number of times, and unfeatured by other Editors (myself included), a number of times too which sadly has gone to a bad debate by the Editors. He recently made a review here explaining why he thinks the game is feature worthy, which you can read here:

*Update*: As of February 12th, Master106 has also made his own review of this game:

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This review is here to serve as a counterargument and explain why the game is in fact, not feature worthy as several other Editors have stated.


Now, the first thing we notice is the name and thumbnail of the game. We all know what Minecraft is, a lot of us play the game (I started playing about 2 months ago, really good game by the way), you mine stuff, you get ore, you build things, etc. As the thumbnail suggests, the game has absolutely nothing to do with Minecraft, which makes the title very clickbait-ish. In fact, that's probably why he named it that.

Now, what I will mention is that the scenery in this game is really, really good. As Konni, pointed out in his review, the graphics have a very cartoony feel to them, and every object you see in the game has some kind of graphic to it. So, I can safely say that he put a lot of detail into the scenery. Sadly however, that's where the huge positives end.

The main problem with the game is that it's just too simple. Most of the game can be summed up as "walk over here, kill this enemy, go through this hallway", rinse and repeat throughout a majority of the game. Many of the levels in this game are extremely short. Quality over quantity, yes, but quantity still needs to be there to some degree or else most players will be disappointed in how short the game was. A vast majority (if not all) of the levels in this game can be completed in less than a minute, with extremely minimal effort of going fast. Some can even be beaten in less than 30 seconds.

Enemy placement is also poor throughout the game. The two biggest offenders of this in the big mech in level 2, which can glitch you through the ground if you're not careful, and in the space level, there's an enemy just to the left of a teleporter which can be a huge pain to get past, and you have to do it to finish the level.

Also, the whole game is one big joke. Boytucker ends up using plenty of meme-ish dialogue and abbreviations which he commonly uses. As well as "tbh" meme that he always uses on the forums. All the dialogue attempts to be funny, but it fails at that. It's just, dumb.

Pros and Cons


Effortful scenery


Bland and short gameplay.

Clickbait-ish title.

Poor enemy placement in some spots.


So that is my counterargument against Konni as to why I think this game is not feature worthy. This has been Demonxz95, see you in my next review.