A Retrospective - The Very First EGL Game On This Site

Review by demonxz95 on Sunday, July 14th 2019


Hey guys, this is Demonxz95 here. It's been almost 2 whole years since my last review, so why not do something special for it. Today, we are looking at a game that is very significant to the history of Sploder game creation, that is Chain Reaction (Battle Re mix) published by a member named Undeadspider. What exactly makes this game so special? It was the very first EGL game on the entire website, published on April 22, 2008, making this the oldest game I've ever reviewed. Hard to believe Sploder has been around that long, right? I may not have been here back then, but what I do know is that the Shooter creator was the only creator around back then, and games were a lot simpler back then. Back when this game was made, you couldn't even pause the game!

The Review

Despite being an EGL game, I went into this game believing to be relatively simple and short, because it's a ~very~ early Sploder game, and Shooter games even nowadays don't generally take very much time to complete. The standards were obviously different back then, as not very many people had realized a lot of the potential of the Shooter creator at that point.

What is rather interesting about the game is the "architecture" of the game is laid out. Rather than having a traditional colored playfield, instead you are given a completely black playfield, where all of the barriers are laid out with obstacles. I had never seen this type of tactic before, so it's got that going for it.

As for what the game is about, as evident by the name "Chain Reaction", there are quite a few long strings of doors that activate off of each other. Today, this is a very classic trope used in basically every featured Shooter, but this may very well have been the very first implementation of it. This would unequivocally influence Shooter games as we know by an unthinkably significant amount. What's even more interesting is the fact that these door puzzles manage to be just as good if not better than the door puzzles seen by elite Shooter creators today, which is an achievement in and of itself seeing as you can't exactly do a lot with them. You even have a way to get back if you mess up (and at some points, you will need to). This game would also utilize wingmans moving across pushers to activate switches or doors (in this case, the latter as you'd probably expect), which may have been the first implementation of this as well. Even if it isn't though, this is another classic Shooter trope that is still being used to this day. The game is almost a form of art in that respect, fitting as it is in the EGL.

In contrast though, the combat in this game is pretty simple, although this is understandable as it was not intended to be the focus of this game. For the most part, enemies are just in one place and you just shoot them down until they die. The blue and red spider bosses end up being the most bog-standard key bosses as a result of this. When you're a noob to Shooters, these things are scary, but in reality, they're actually a piece of cake. There's quite a few Mojo crates and health along this game, so you most likely will not die in this game. The yellow spider boss however actually has a really interesting idea to it that I hadn't seen before. Considering how old this game is, it's actually very impressive on Undeadspider's part. In a rather sharp contrast to the majority of EGL games, this game is extremely accessible to the general Sploder playerbase, which is honestly rather refreshing.

After the yellow spider boss, the game is basically over. Congratulations! You have been the very first game on this site to ever be inducted into the EGL, made over 11 years ago. There are now thousands of members who were born after this game released. So, how good is this game? Well, it obviously wouldn't be EGL worthy by today's standards, but I do believe it would be feature worthy by today's standards. For an 11 year old game to be considered feature worthy today in my eyes is much more of an achievement than it might sound to some people. For the standards at the time though, I see exactly why it got nominated into the EGL. Though it doesn't seem like much today, this game basically started the common "puzzle shooter" that would evolve over time and become a standard for all people who make games with this creator as a result of all of the puzzles that are introduced in this game. It's a worthwhile game to visit in my opinion. It's fun and enjoyable to play, but it's also a nice trip to take to view the old days of Sploder where the games were still primitive and how they would evolve into what they are now and how they will evolve later, and I think this game exemplifies that well.

This has been Demonxz95. I hope you enjoyed the review.