[EGD 14] There's Nothing Here

Review by demonxz95 on Thursday, September 24th 2020
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Fallmetan is a game created by metainc

Hello everyone, this is Demonxz95, and welcome to another EGD 14 review. This time, we're reviewing Fallmetan by metainc, an alt account of futuremillionare who has been one of my greatest friends ever since I've been part of the Sploder community. He actually made two games for EGD this year, Why Kids Shouldn't Go To McDonalds 3 on his main account, and Fallmetan on this alt account.

When given the choice of which EGD games to review, I guess this was one of my choices because it was the easiest to play. Just like my previous review on The Journey to Mother Turtle, this game is a submission with little effort. This is something that happens every EGD. Reviewing these games is a pain in the ass, but someone has got to do it. Business is just business.

In terms of gameplay, you still out in this room surrounded by cave-in blocks and you also have grenades to escape. First, you must move left on a series of bouncers over lava, grab a flamethrower, and then go back to the right and melt the ice blocks. Afterwards, you have a jump and a tunnel. Jump into the tunnel and you will land on top of a Fire Troll. Get a few sword swings in there because you get pushed out of the tunnel. When you get pushed out of the tunnel, you will appear back on the surface. In which case, just repeat the process until you defeat the Fire Troll and you beat the game. One might think a grenade would be useful here, but in practice, it doesn't work.

If you're wondering why this sounds more like a walkthrough than a review, that's because there's absolutely nothing else in this game. What I just described in the above paragraph is literally the entire game. Comparing this to The Journey to Mother Turtle, the final level of that game was pretty good, but at least you don't have to wait over an entire hour to actually play the game in Fallmetan.

Now that's two EGD games I've reviewed with two joke games. The good news is that I decided to get the joke games out of the way first. All my EGD 14 games after this will be on actual games, so stay tuned.