Hotel Discovery Sploder Town

By desertdiscovery :: Tuesday May 3rd, 2016

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Hi! This is my Hotel. It's called Hotel Discovery because Hotel Desert or Hotel DesertDiscovery sounds really boring. But if you cant read what the general is saying he's saying "Hello. Welcome to Hotel Discovery! I am General Dog. DesertDiscovery is out making more games. So she told me to tell you 1 room is 1 award each month. 1 room with special features (Features include hovercrafts, power gloves and wheels, and or robot fighting ) is 2 awards every other month. You are allowed a trial where you are allowed to live in a room for free for 3 days. You are allowed 1 trial, Ever. Period. Each Trial room will be made for the renter, but you will not chose how the room will be decorated, DesertDiscovery will chose that. But if you buy a room you are allowed to chose how your room will be decorated (Or with special features) by making a platformer game with the way you want your room to be decorated, then tell me the name of the game in the comments. You will then owe DesertDiscovery 1 or 2 awards every month untill you decide you do not want the room anymore. I hope you decide to stay here for your time here in Sploder Town. "


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