monkey quest

By devinleonfunk6 :: Friday June 21st, 2013

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New update: you can now play as hiro mightpaw! and the game has been upgraded. Im so sorry about the ka monster but hiro defeated it so quit that you missed it so you can fight ka on December 5 also intruducing PETS!!!!!!!!!!!! since i have finnaly made and put the two new pets in the game i am trying to make the new ka graphic shivers are down my spine yuo will be so stoked about how powerful this monster is. also tell me anything i am missing in the game so i can fix it ok.Also you will not be able to fight ka you will have to fight a vespid instead and your tiger pet can help you fight the monsteralso go to to get the music. its here the vespid is here hurry and defeat it on january 2nd it will be gone and the new tribe zor will be here.I sorry the ka monster will be staying here longer than i thought so i will tell you when the new tribe zor is here.


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