Crusader Part 3 The Final Game

By diaperface :: Monday June 22nd, 2015

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You have obtained news that your father, who was the King, has been murdered by the daedra Nzilchaft. So has the rest of your family. To avenge your family, you head to the deeper floors of Castle Nzilchaft. You walk the long, damp corridors and notice words on the wall. A crazed man told you what the words meant, but you didn't believe him. The message on the wall says, "Another time In the age of wonder Another world Another time This land was green and good Until the crystal cracked Once more, they will replenish themselves Change and then wait The power of their source... The crystal... The crystal... The crystal The power of their source... The crystal..." The crystal, according to the crazed man, is a crystal that allows the Daedra, Nzilchaft, to come to different time periods and wreak havoc on those chosen times. And their life source is the crystal. The pieces of crystal fragments you have grabbed from past adventures (Crusader Part 1 & 2) are apparently parts of their source. And, "once more, they will replenish themselves..." meant that they will feed on the blood of their prey to gain strength and take over the Overworld. And, "another time...In the age of wonder Another world Another time This land was green and good Until the crystal cracked..." Meant that the crystal was once a part of the sun, which became corrupted and became a time traveling device in the wrong hands. Apparently this has happened before. All that you have uncovered has happened before. You must put an end to the history that is trying to repeat itself. Will you stop this dark course of history, or will you end up another failure for the world to mourn and grief with? Find out on CRUSADER PART 3 THE FINAL GAME!


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