Legend of Potato RPG

By diaperface :: Sunday July 5th, 2015

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You start out in Ireland, in the time of the Great Potato Famine. Except you know the cause of the Famine, yet no one else does. Many people who knew before you have died and their bodies have not been found. You know that the one who caused the Famine is nicknamed The Demon, because he caused many world-challenging events in history. You head the local blacksmith and order some supplies, and he asks why you need them. He gasps in fright when you say, "To destroy The Demon." He makes your armor and sword over the next couple days, and when you visit him, you hear him crying softly, whispering something about you. When he makes your armor and sword, he hands them to you, shaking in sadness, saying to you, "Go...please, stay safe. Go." You decide to leave your family and go to the Lair of The Demon and avenge Ireland, and stop the Great Potato Famine! Will you destroy The Demon and save Ireland? Find out in Legend of Potato RPG!


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